On this great Auspicious day,
In the 28th Equinoctial Cycle,
The 28th Fourfold Chatur Yuga - 
In the Cosmological Cycle, Sveta Varaha

In the Greater Equinoctial Cycle, 
Manvantara ,Vaivaswata,
Kali 5125, we express what Nine 
Revolving Heavens indicate !

The Sevenfold Ephemeris

These are the Saptanga,
The seven limbs of Almighty Time.
Day, Star, Lunation, Half Lunation,
Nitya Yoga, Year & Ahargana !

As tomorrow is unknown. 
As next moment  unknown. 
Laplace advocated Probability,
As weapon to be in tune with Reality. 

So use your IQ and MQ, 
So follow the Light of the Heavens, 
So that no evil will befall you.
As this Science is a Lamp In Darkness.

(Thamaseeya Deepaha)

This Scientia Intuitiva admits,
The Unknowable behind all manifestations, 
Extends the limit of that Unknowable, 
Till it comprehends all unknown.

1871954 5126 Fri VRIDDHI Pashu MAKAM EKADASI

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Jupiter is the most powerful planet in the astrological hierarchy. He stays in a sign for one year and his transit has got tremendous influence on an individual's life. Financial dimension comes within his domain.

IFinancial tightness and enmity trouble from relatives mark the entry of Jupiter into the 4th. Domestic happiness takes a beating Worries on account of the loved ones. You worry more about their health. Financial strains compound your woes. The pandavas lost their kingdom when Jupiter transited the 4th and you are in a similar situation. 

03/12/2023 ....... 01/05/2024 

Jupiter turns benign and promotional prospects loom large. Progeny gives happiness. Mental peace dawns after a long time. Jewellery will be acquired by your wife. You also get an opportunity to acquire clothes and suite to satisfy the sartorial prejudices of society. 

01/05/2024 ........ 14/05/2025


Venus stays in a sign for one month. He represents Poetics, Aesthetics and Rhetoric - Kavya Komala Vagvilasam athulam, All sorts of Bhoga or sensory enjoyments, and women are signified by him,

In striking contrast to Jupiter, who represents all divine sciences and arts, Venus represents the mundane sciences and arts.  Wealth, Wine and Women, are ruled by him, Bhoga Kalatra Karako Shukra. Alcoholism will be on the rise, during his periods of influence, directional or transit.

"The fair planet that hearteneth to Love" , said Dante about this Planet of  Love. Romance blossoms and you may spend more time with social gatherings. Misunderstandings with women likely. 

Since he represents the Libido of the Cosmic Man, he can affect the psyche of the native very much and give terrestrial bliss. 

 As Transit Venus is in the 11th House you will have good income from many sources. 

03/12/2023 ................. 25/12/2023 

 As Transit Venus tenants your 12th House-- lucky breaks can grace you. 

25/12/2023 ................. 18/01/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in Janma immense sensory pleasures indicated- Akhila Vishaya Bhogam. 

 18/01/2024 ................ 11/02/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 2nd lucky breaks can grace you- VVithasiddhim. 

 11/02/2024 ................ 31/03/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 3rd House - along with some struggle there may b progress- vibhootm 

 3 31/03/2024 ................ 24/04/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 4th House lucky breaks can visit you and your friends. 

 24/04/2024 ................ 19/05/2024 

 As Transit Venus tenants your 5th House, there wiil be a master knack to  o whatsumore increaing income to evsomethg knack

making and happiness via children - Putra Labdim. 

 19/05/2024 ................ 12/06/2024 

 As Transit Venus tenants your 6th House you will be afflicted with crises galore. 

 Solution - Indulge in Bhakti and jnana yogas. 

 12/06/2024 ................ 06/07/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 7th House you should be careful about your approach to partner and people belonging to the opposite sex.There may be misunderstandings and rifts wihin the lute- Yuvati Jnita Badhaam 06/07/2024 ................ 31/07/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 8th House you will be blessed by lucky breaks- Sampadam. 31/07/2024 ................ 24/08/2024 

 As Transit Venus is in the 9th House you will have immense Sensory pleasures -sthree sukhaptim 24/08/2024 ................ / / 01/05/2024

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Akhila Vishaya Bhogam Vithasarhim Vibhooi

Sutha Sikham Abhivriddhim potraa labdim vipathim

Yuvathi Janiha Badham SampasanAthree ASujhaptin

Kalaham Udataaaaaaaaaaaaan Aptim Daitya mantri vishae


Sun stays in a sign for one month. Sun is the most powerful
luminary in terms of natural or intrinsic strength. Hence 
his transit influence is indeed very important. Since he repre-
sents the Soul of the Cosmic Man he can affect the psyche of
the native very much. His favorable transits are a blessing
while his adverse postures are dreaded.

As the king of the Solar Logos signifies political power, favors from the powers that be can be had during his periods of influence, transit o directional .Another political luminary is the Moon. who can also grant political favors, she being the Queen in the Celestial Government. 

Health improves and so does wealth. Economic gains likely. You 
may experience monetary windfall through lottery stock exchange &
jackpot. Elder brothers and sisters become favorable. You gain a
lot of good friends. They come to your help. This period is very
beneficial monetarily.
09/12/2023 ................. 16/12/2023 

Very malefic Sun creates ill-health and dissipation of wealth.
Worries increase and you become a melancholic in temparament. 
You may have to undertake journeys much against your wish. Anger 
rises and self-control becomes well nigh impossible. It is better
if you keep your coolness and sang-froid amidst adversity.
16/12/2023 ................. 16/01/2024 

Loss of position as Sun is in the adverse 1st. Health hazards and
meaningless wanderings and journeys. Expenditure increases and 
you feel the pinch. Dissipation of wealth. Loss of property and
reputation. Malefic Sun creates a sort of uneasiness and you can
turn to prayer and meditation to save you from melancholia.

16/01/2024 ................ 16/02/2024 

You have to take precautions to avoid disease connected with the
eyes. Even though prosperity is indicated losses started earlier
may continue for some more time. But these losses appear to have
a less damaging effect. Financial problems have to be tackled as 
a senior member of your family. 

16/02/2024 ................ 16/03/2024 

This marks the entry of a prosperous and auspicious period. Gains
economic promotion in job and all round happiness are about to 
take place. Your entire mind is now tuned to success.You have to 
pitch it strong and spare no efforts to succeed. Remember success
often comes to those who dare and act. It seldom goes to the

16/03/2024 ................ 16/04/2024 

Unfavorable Sun creates general unhappiness. Delays and postpone- 
ment in many undertakings ailments physical and mental are likely
Loss of respect. Domestic happiness takes a beating. You tend to
quarrel with those whom you love. Taking preventive measures in
time and exercising prudence and restraint are prophylactic indeed.

16/04/2024 ................ 16/05/2024 

Unless maximum care is exercised you may have to face poverty
economic loss and bad health. Enemies find it easy to attack you.
A gloomy period for you as Sun takes an adverse stance. Children
pose problems. Worries on account of children. 

16/05/2024 ................ 16/06/2024 

Benign Sun marks the beginning of a prosperous period. As a man
of indomitable will-power and savoir-faire your main aim now to
conquer your enemies and solving the problems that vex the psyche
Increase in general happiness. Success in all undertakings guara-
nteed. General living conditions improve. 

16/06/2024 ................ 16/07/2024 

Sudden changes and frequent travel indicated. You have to be very
careful about health. Better go for a medical checkup. Economic 
problems also have to be faced. Enemies also create problems as
your meteoric rise arouses jealousy. Health problems appear to 
you as insignificant but it is in your interest to solve them.

16/07/2024 ................ 16/08/2024 

Very adverse Sun creates phobia or fear. Unnecessary wanderings
and meaningless journeys. Factors detrimental to your health dev-
elop. Expenditure rises & expenses spiral. Misunderstandings with
wife indicated. Sickness particularly in the stomach. You have to
have immense courage to deal with this situation.

16/08/2024 ................ 16/09/2024 

Worries and dejection raise their ugly head again. Evil acts
should be eschewed. Sinful actions always demand wages from us 
If you do not heed this counsel loss of masculine lustre and
reputation will result. Turning to God is the only remedy.

16/09/2024 ................ 16/10/2024 


MARS stays in a sign for one AND A half month. Mars is the most powerful malefic in terms of natural/or intrinsic strength. Hence his transit influence is indeed very important. Since he repre sents the Physique of the Cosmic Man, Sports, Real Estate et al,  he can affect the physique of the native very much.

A powerful Mars was there
In the horoscopes of Gavaskar and Tendulkar,
And almost all the successful,
Who grace the Cricketing World. 

Real Estate stocks are signified,
By this Martial Commander ,
All Martial Arts,
Also Administrative Fire !  



MERCURY, Prince of the Solar Logos,  stays in a sign for one month. Mercury represents academic education - VIdya Mathula Karako Budha .His transit influence is indeed very important. Since he repre sents the Intellect of the Cosmic Man he can affect the psyche of the native very much. His favorable transits are a blessing to the intellectually oriented and major literary works are born during his periods and sub periods of directional influence. 

 As Mercury is in your 6th House you will have less enemies than the ordinary man. A benefic posited in the 6th destroys enemies. You will be free from debts as Mercury destroys all liabilities. 

/12/2023 .............. 28/12/2023 

 As Mercury is in your 7th House you will be known for your jovial qualities. You will be versatile and knower of many subjects. Educational attainments will not be of mean order. 

28/12/2023 ................ 07/01/2024 

As Mercury is in your 8th House you will be truly versatile and reputed for your excellent qualities. Your knowledge and enviable qualities will get the praise of many. 

07/01/2024 ............... 01/02/2024 

 As Mercury is posited in your 9th House you will have sons wealth and all sorts of comforts. You will be charitable and religious. Educational attainments will be of the highest standard. 

01/02/2024 ................ 19/02/2024 

 As Mercury is in your 10th House you can rise to be a lect- urer or professor or a big businessman. Mercury's influence on the Dasama House tends one to the scholastic profession. Excellence in the academic field. 

19/02/2024 ................ 07/03/2024 

 As Mercury is in your 11th House you will have exceptional gains. Mercury tenanting the Sarvabhistasthana is excellent for Labha or gain. Gains due to publishing books and period- icals literature poetry and art. 

07/03/2024 ................ 25/03/2024 

 As Mercury is in your 12th House you may change profession. You may have to move away from your chosen karma or profession. 12th Mercury can bestow immense educational attainments. 

/03/2024 ................ 09/04/2024 

 As Mercury tenants your Janma House you will be considered scholarly & jovial. Academic learning is the prerogative of Mercury. There will be academic distinctions and excellence in many fields. 

09/04/2024 ................ 10/05/2024 

 As Mercury tenants your 2nd House you will be wealthy and endowed with education. Family life will be happy and healthy. Mercury endows you with entreprenauership & oratorial ability. 

10/05/2024 ................ 29/05/2024 

 As Mercury is in the 3rd House your relationships with the younger co-borns should be cared for. You will be known for your valour and chivalry. 

29/05/2024 ................ 31/05/2024 

 As Mercury is in the 4th House you will attain a high position in life. You will enjoy all the comforts of life. A benefic posited in the 4th is a Sarvaristabhanga yoga ensuring longevity. Educational attainments will come to you automatically. 

/05/2024 ................ 14/06/2024