Yaska Hypothesis - Science of Definition , Nirukta Sastra

Science of Definition, Nirukta Sastra,
Was well developed by Yaska.
It was started to define Vedic concepts,
And to refute the Non-Vedic.

{ Vasti tasya Niruktam tu
Veda Nirvachanam Sphutam )

What is the Definition of Definition?
It is Genus et differentia.
" Man is a political animal"
Satisfies the condition stated.

( animal is the genus & political , differentia )

But Brahman, the Summum Genus, is Indefinable,
As it has no proximate genus !
How can the One, which became an innumerable multitude,
Sastisfy the condition of genus et differentia?

Best definition of Absolute Brahman,
Was given by the poet, Aurobindo.
It was defined as the Sevenfold Chord of Being,
With lowest term as Matter and highest, pure Being !

Previous best was Being-Knowledge-Bliss,
The Upanishadic Sat Chit Anandam Brahma,
Which was extended, incorporating four more,
Life, Mind, Matter and Supermind.

Sages spoke of It negatively, Neti, Neti,
Said It is not this, It is not that.
They also spoke of It positively, Iti, Iti,
They said It is this, It is that, It is all !

Brahman, the Absolute, is Life, is Mind,is Matter,
Is Supermind, is Cosmic Delight, is     Sat Chit Ananda.
But then, Absolute Brahman cannot be defined,
Not even by our broadest definition of Sat Chit Ananda.