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Yantras are mystical amulets or talismans which have the power to ward off evil influences of planets and other hidden energies. Yantras give protection to the native . The Yantra is made powerful by an adept well versed in Tantra, a discipline as great as Yoga, who imparts Pranic Energy to the Amulet after worshipping it  with the prescribed mantras.   


Philosophically, yantras are masterpieces  and master plans of Manifestation. They are the symbols of the Absolute Self,     when  the Self is worshipped through geometrical patterns. The Divine Geometricises & here the Divine Self is centrallised through triangular, circular & rectangular patterns. Deity has been defined as the Great Geometer. When Yantras are worn, the adverse forces cannot operate within or outside the native.


In Yogic Psychology, the main enemies of man are the inner enemies - viz Lust, greed, anger, jealousy,pride, sloth & gluttony.  These hostile forces cannot dominate when a good & powerful Yantra is worn. The outer  negative influences   are also counteracted by Yantras. Hence spiritual sadhana becomes smooth and one reaches the Goal of Life by the principle of frictionless flow.  

Mental Transformation through Mantra Therapy

Mantra is defined as that which protects the chanter, Mananath thrayathe iti mantraha. The greatest enemy is Mind, chittamam valiya vairi. So that which protects from the Enemy, Mind, is Mantra ! Mind consists of positive and negative elements. Lust, greed, anger, jealousy, sloth, covetousness and gluttony are the negative elements and these are destroyed by Mantra Therapy.  Hence Mantra and its physical emblem, Yantra, transforms the individual, freeing him from negativity ! He becomes more creative and generates more compassion and friendliness than the ordinary common man ! 


This is the famous Sudarshana Yantra, which can destroy enemies and redeem lost wealth. Ever since I started wearing it, my business trebled and one enemy was completely wiped out !




Spirituality is not Poverty ! On the other hand, it is against poverty. " Poverty is Sin " said Shaw. If one lives according to Cosmic Law, abundance of wealth can be created. In order to achieve business success, some Yantras are used. 


If you are experiencing problems in the Financial field ( 2 H ) , or the Love field ( 7 H ) , or the Progeny field ( 5 H ), or if you are confronted by enemies ( 6 H ), you can use these Tantric Talismans to protect you from Negative radiations &  ward off Evil. These Talismans can be used for business success also ( 9 H ), , in jackpot, forex and stock market. The conspiracies by enemies can be destroyed by a properly energised Yantra. 


Sree Sooktha Yantra - This is the Wealth Yantra. Well, the Wealth Mantra is Sree Sooktha, wherein the Goddess of Wealth is extolled.   When once worn, the positive vibrations of this Talisman, make man one with Truth and he produces more than he consumes, incorporating Industry & Frugality, two of the best qualities for making a man prosperous, as per Ben Franklin !

Karthiaveerarjuna Yantra - This is the Wealth Redemption Yantra.  Generally used for Real Estate success and success in the stock market.  


Kubera, Dhanalabha Yantras - This is the Business Yantra. For success in Business or employment. Kubera is the Lord of Riches in Indian Mythology. 

Parvathi Swayamvara Yantra - The marriage mantra is Parvathi Swayamvara. Amulet for consummating Marriage. This Yantra removes the negative blocks of planets, notably Saturn, Mars and other malefics and paves the way for wedlock bliss !

KalaSarpa Bhanga Yantra  - This Talisman offsets the effects of Kalasarpa Yoga, the yoga formed when all planets are hemmed in between the Nodes ( Rahu & Ketu ).

Nisva Yoga Bhanga Yantra - This Yantra neutrallises the malefic Nisva Yoga, when the 2nd Lord is posited in malefic houses. 

Daridra Yoga Bhanga Yantra - This Talisman offsets the negative effects of Daridra Yoga, when the 11th lord is in Dusthanas ( bad houses )

Dur Yoga Bhanga Yantra - Destruction of Misfortune mantra is used. This Amulet  neutrallises the negative Dur Yoga, when the most important lord, the 10th Lord, is posited in 6,8,12 houses. 

Ohari Vipanana Vijayaprada Yantra - Stock Market Yantra. Generally used for Stock market success. This Yantra works like this.  Greed,  one  of the main     enemies of man,  is controlled by  spiritual  vibrations.  In all markets, Greed is the enemy to sure    profits ! In the Stock Market, if a man gets a decent profit, he must exit. If he stays there, then the market     will crash and all his profit will be wiped out. By controlling Greed and Fear ( this is Spiritual self- control ), he becomes prosperous ! 

Shaneeswara Yantra - The Saturn mantra is used. This Amulet offsets Elarata Saturn and all Saturnine afflictions. 

Different Tantric Talismans or Amulets (Yantras)  are used in Vedic Astrology. There are more than 250 of them, their base being 250 mantras which are used for different purposes, whose aim is to enhance human welfare. These should be worn only at the recommendation of a bona fide astrologer, a man well versed in Horas and the 5 Siddhantas ( Astronomy ).   


Sacred Music or Musica Divina

These mantras are available in CDs  as  Sacred Music videos in MP4 format and it includes Nava Graha  Mantras , Nava  Graha Peeda Hara Stotra, Nava Graha Stotra, Nava Graha Gayatri,  Bhagya Sooktam, Sree Sooktam, Durga Sooktam, Gayathri, Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and  other Sooktams, Ashtakams, Gayatris etc .  Email WebAstrologer 


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