Yajnas or Homas - Unique to Vedic Astrology 



What ye sow, ye reap is the Law and this is known as The Universal Law of Karma. It is inexorable.   It is the Universal Law of Cause & Effect. It is the Grand Law of Causation, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Retribution. .  That sowing and reaping becomes Fate. Fate works  through the Nine Revolving Heavens. Above all is the inexorable Providence which works through Cause and Effect, which seem to erring men as Chance !


Know that which ye sow, ye reap
The Sesamum was sesamum, the corn was corn
The Silence and the Darkness knew
So is a man's Fate born !


When a man is afflicted, many reasons are given 


Ayurvedists say   Imbalance   is  Cause  (of  humors triune )
Astrologers averr   that  cause is  afflictions planetary  !
Occultists proclaim  that  the cause is  possession
Philosophers declare that  Karma alone is the Cause ! 


( Rogam Thridosha Janitham Bhishajo Vadanthi
Jyothir Vidho Graha Peedanam Amananthi
Badabhi vesham ithi mantra vido vadanti
Prarabda karma phalam atma vido vadanthi )





Remove the negativity of planets by propitiating the Planet which torments you as the Dasa Lord, as Elarata Saturn and as Kalasarpa Yoga.  Elarata Saturn needs the Shaneeswara Homa, Kalasarpa Yoga needs the  Kalasarpa Homa & Yantra and Nisva Yoga  needs the Homa of that particular planet which causes Nisva Yoga. There are more than 15 malefic Yogas which affect people and cause misery.

Specific problems require specific  Homas. There are two types of Yajnas -Pujas & Homas. In  Japa, mantras are recited and flowers are offered by the temple priest whereas in Homas,  fire, oblations and mantras are used. These yajnas will be performed near the famous Lord Krishna Temple in Guruvayur .  We have the best Tantrics, well versed in Tantra Shastra or occult science.  The Homas require 3 Pundits, depending upon the Homa selected. The Homa will start on an auspicious day after reading your horoscope.





Maha Mrityunjaya Homa

To avoid Apamrityus ( untimely deaths ) & to improve longevity. It is said that man possesses100 Apamrityus & one Kalamrityu 


Ayush Homa

Normally performed on the day of the native’s birth star, this Yajna is to improve longevity.


Maha Sudharshan Yagna

To destroy enemies and for general prosperity.  


Sri Suktha Homa

To become wealthy. Sree means prosperity.


Sri Suktha  Maha Homa

To get the blessings of Kubera, the lord of wealth.  


Durga Sutha Homa

For the destruction of enemies and removal of hindrances.  

Swayamvara Parvathi Homa

For removing obstacles & delays in marriage.


Maha Ganapathy Homa 

To remove impediments & to attain prosperity.  

Santanagopala Homa

For childless couples; to get children.  

Chandi Homa

For eightfold prosperity &  favourable decisions in court matters. 


Sri Rudra Homa

To avoid accidents and dangers.


Navagraha Homa 

To get blessings of all the planets who are agents of Time Eternal. 


Purushasuktha Homa 

For happiness and affection between husband and wife.


Saraswathi Homa 

For good educational attainments & concentration. 


Bhagya Suktha Homa 

For increasing Fortune or Luck


Maha Lakshmi Homa

For wealth 


Uma Maheshwari Puja

Done once a day in a month for 12 months.


Moderate Ayusha Homa

For longevity. Performed on the day of the native’s birth star. 


Laghu Navagraha Homa

To get blessings of all the planets who are parts of Deity  


Laghu Maha Lakshmi Homa

To become rich  


Laghu Bhagya Suktha Homa

For increasing Fortune  


Nakshatra Shanti Homa

To overcome planetary  afflictions  

   Kal Sarpa Yoga    Homa  This is the remedy for Kal Sarpa Yoga - when all planets are hemmed in between malefics   



There are other Homas like Khadga Ravana Homa ( for destruction of enemies ), Vastu Homa ( for Bulidings Rectification for Vastu defects)        , Karthiaveerarjuna for redemption of lost wealth etc.

The Prasad or the Samvada ( energise ghee ) will be sent to you after the Homa 



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Poojas are different from Homas. For severe planetary afflictions Poojas are done. It can be said to be a minor Homa. It costs Rs 2000. Please click the link below for Pooja      Add to Cart/Checkout