Duty is divine, 

Work is Worship - Karma Yoga

Doing one's duty itself is Yoga,
Karthvyam Yoga Uchyathe,
This is Rationale of Karma Yoga,
Union via Altruistic Action !

Vice Admiral Nelson's words were,
" England expects every man to do his Duty "
Its meaning was clear to all,
As work is worship and duty, divine.

Result of Karma Yoga is far,
Actualising via It is difficult
Philosophic principles are hard to grasp
Hence, Intellectual Love, Vibhakti, is noblest.

Rugged path to the Unmanifest, Jnana,
Is full of knowledgeable sorrow.
Avyaktahi Gathir Dukham,
So embrace Universal Love.

Intellectuality without Love is madness,
Love without Intellectuality is superstition.
Both integrated will yield Intellectual Love,
Et Amor Iintegrate is an Indian concept.

We have two types of duties,
Duty unto Caesar and Duty unto Self.
Duties, worldly and divine.
And we have to do both effectively.

The Caesar of the outer world,
Must be given all that is lawfully his
At the same time, we have to strive,
Fot Self Actualisation, which is the Goal.

In Silence divine we have to climb,
From our own earths into our heavens,
We should stop ratiocinating,
And go deep within ourselves. 

Life alone is the field of Yoga,
Not a blissful Beyond.
Practical life, with all its dangers,
Is our field, and we are gong to win.

Yoga is the Art of Self Finding,
An integration at seven levels of Being.
Excellence in Action = Yoga,
So be thou a Yogi, Tasmat Yogi Bhava !