Fame may be posthumous
But Fame can only accrue
From Wisdom Divine,
Vidya Yasas sukhakaree

There is no disease greater than Avarice,
No enemy greater than  Anger,
No Sorrow greater than Poverty,
And no Bliss greater than Wisdom

Nasthi Lobha Samo vyadhi
Nasthi Krodha  samo ripuh
Nasthi Daridra vyayat Dukham
Nasthi Jnanath para sukham.

Beauty, Aristocracy and  Good Behavior,
Are indeed Blessings great!
But they shine not,
Without Wisdom's Grace!

Sundaropi Suseelopi
Kuleenopi Maha Dhana
Shobhate na Vina Vidyam
Vidya Sarvasya Bhooshanam !

Self Actualisation never from Wealth,
Or from empires temporal and evanescent,
Self Actualisation cometh only from Wisdom
Vidyaya Vrindate Amritam

Knowledge is of the Relative
Wisdom is of the Absolute
Wisdom alone can immortalise
Amritam tu Vidya.

Thou Art Wisdom,
Thine is the Form,
Form of Vedas Infinite,
And aim of  wisdom  Thou art!

Vidyas Thvam


Vedaneeyasthvam eva cha

Veiled wealth is Wisdom,
Eternal Fame is Wisdom,
Guru of Gurus is She,
And greatest Deity  Celestial

There is none holier,
Than Wisdom Sacred !
So averrs the Gita,
Initiation Science Manual !

Na Hi Jnanena Sadrusam

Pavithram iha vidyate

The Fool is respected in his own home,
The Lord in his own village,
King in one's Kingdom,
But scholar is adored everywhere!

Swagrihe poojyate mooda
Swagrame poojyate prabhu
Swadese poojyate Raja
Vidwan Sarvatra Poojyate !