Why Poetry?



Poets are like musical singers,
Who have been sent by the Divine,
To influence the hearts of men,
And turn them back to Self !
Romans used to call poets, vates,
Meaning a prophet, a diviner !
Such a celestial title did the noble bestow,
Upon this heart ravishing Gnosis !
In the Orient, they are Kranta Darshis,
Who have glimpsed Celestial Diameter,
People who are prescient, intuitive,
Who know Time Eternal !
What is their Logic?
Life, a movement of Self in Time,
Has only a symbolic value.
It is temporal and ephemeral,
And necessary as a Becoming.
And all Becomings have Being,
As their Goal & Fulfillment,
And Lord is the only Being,
Averrs Overmind Poetry !
Poetry & Philosophy
Poetry should initiate us,
To Philosophy, averred Plutarch.
Both may be different in the Occident,
But, in the Orient, they are one.
No Philosopher exists,
Who is not a Poet !
Without transcendental experience,
None can write Poetry !
Poet has global vision,
As he is proximate to Self !
He knows the Jyoti Sastra Kranta,
Kavihi Kranta Darshi !
Ultimate victory is his,
Jayanti Te Sukrutino
Who has attained Kaivalya,
Rasa Siddha Kaveeswara !
As their fame body
Knoweth no change,
Remarks Bhartri Hari,
Who attained fame !
Poetry & Music
Inextricably linked to Poetry,
Is grand science of Musicology !
Dance, music instrumental and Lyrics,
Constitute Musicology !
Lyrics derives from Lyre,
That instrument physical,
Lyrics is the Poetry of Music,
Indeed, the Heart of Music !
The Invocation
Occidentals invoke the Muses,
Calliope, Muse of Epic Poetry,
Erato, Muse of Love & Lyrics
And  many others.
Paradise Lost begins with
"Sing, Heavenly Muse, how on the top"
Indian Poets begins with,
An invocation to Wisdom Deity"
Sarigama padanikal, Devi Nin,
Sangeeta Kala Dhamankal,
Enikku tharoo, manassil oru
Apoorva Ragamay parannu varoo..
Octaves Seven are Thine,
The veins of Art Musical,
Give them to me, O Deity,
Come to me as a rare Raaga '