Vivekananda Hypothesis I



Samadhi = Zero Mind

Samadhi = Zero Mind
Vivekananda wrote in his Hymn of Samadhi 
Lo! The sun is not, nor the comely moon,
All light extinct; in the great void of space
Floats shadow-like the image-universe.

Samadhi = Zero Mind,
A state where Mind is not,
Where the projections of Mi nd,
Sun, Moon, Stars et al do not exist !

May be the Kerala poet who wrote,
No Moon, Stars or Sun exist,
In Cosmic Consciousness,
Was inspired by this Noble Sage.

Sama means Equanimity and Dhee, Mind
Is Cosmic Consciousness, equivalent of Nirvana,
A state transcending Happiness and Sorrow,
Elation and dejection and marked by Bliss Ineffable !

He wrote in his Hymn of Samadhi,
In the void of mind involute,
The fleeting universe, rises and floats,
Sinks again, ceaseless, in the current I.

Brahman is Omnipresent,
In all relativities.
It is the Absolute,
Possessing all relatives !

All originate from Brahman
All exist in Brahman
All merge,back into Brahman
Verily, Brahman is All in All.

Yatho imani bhutani jayante
Yena jatani jivanti
Yat prayantyabhisam visanti
The Hymn of Samadhi continues
Slowly, slowly, the shadow-multitude
Entered the primal womb, and flowed ceaseless,
The only current, the I am, I am.

A State beyond Aham Brahmasmi?
There is no Aham or Brahmam,
All sunk in Unity Conscisousness,
Where Only That and That alone exists !

The Warrior Sage continues further, 
Lo! Tis stopped, evn that current flows no more,
Void merged into void beyond speech and mind!
Whose heart understands, he verily does.

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Thursday, March 26, 2020