Visva Purusha, the Absolute Self as Space

All places are connected by Space,
All events are connected by Time
And all  causes are connected  by the Primal Cause,
In the Space-Time-Causality Equation !

Absoulute Being became Relative  Being,
Para Brahman became  Apara Brahman,
Being  became Becoming
In the First  Manifestation !      

Space, Time, Causality, considered ,
Hitherto eternal,  but  were reduced,
To Relativity by the brilliant Einstein,
Are part and parcel of Relative Being.

The Absolute became the Relative,
Purusha became Space Relative,
And this is the concept of Visva Purusha,
Cosmic Man, in the Manifestation  !

In the beginning, darkness was hidden by darkness,
And all this was an Ocean of Insconscience.
Universal Being was concealed relatively,
Only Thou existed then, as Being-Knowledge-Bliss !

Then all the trine attributes of Nature,
Psycho elements, Rajas,   Tamas & Sattva,
DIssolved in Thee, at Involution,
Only Thou existed then, as Being-Knowledge-Bliss !

Also known as Virat Purusha,

This Cosmic Man projected Himself,
As the Universes parallel,
As the Seven* Two interpenetrating realms!
Of all the fourteen Universes, O Love Divine,
The Inferno, Patala, is Thy Feet !
The Empyrean, Satya Loka, is Thy Head
And the Purgatorio, Jana, Thy Limb celestial!
Poetic Metres are Thy Cascading Hair,
Thy Glance Divine is Self Actualisation,
The Constellations Are Thy Teeth,
And Thy teeth wicked, Death ineluctable !
Thy Smile manifestated as Maya,
Words of Sages are Thy Voice, 
Thy Back Portion is Adharma, Evil,
And Thy Mind is symbolised by Moon.
Moon is the outer symbol of Mind,
Thy Mind which became diversity,
Thy Universal Mind which is all this,
While Thou remain incomprehensible !
Thy Thought, the Logos, became all these,
This Universe mirrored in Becoming,
Resplendent, as it shineth in Thy Mind,
Mayayam Bimbithasthvam, as a Dream Cosmic !
Dusks of Nature are Thy Dresses,
Thy Navel, the beauteous Oceans !
Mithras are Thy Testicles,
And Prajapati, Thy Generative Organ !
Thou manifested  as the animal kingdeom,
Thy true Form is as Time,  
The Four Portions of Thy Body Heavenly,
Are the Four Noble Professions !
Thou Art all Universes,
Mountains are Thy Hairs,
And Rivers, Thy veins,
Blessed be Thy Universal Form !