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                                                                          Vedic Astrology Lesson 67    

                                        The Shad Doshas or the Six Inauspicious Periods of  Electional Astrology



There are Shad Doshas which are considered inauspicious.

1) The Combustion of Jupiter and Venus
2)The Mutual Aspects of Jupiter and Venus or their Opposition
3) Visibility of Jupiter and Venus
4) Ahamspathi
5) Samsarpa
6) Adhi Masa
The Combustion of Jupiter and Venus

    Planets  when  they go very near the Sun becomes combust. Moon 
    when near the Sun by 12 degrees Mars within 17 degrees Mercury
    within 13 degrees Jupiter within 11 degrees Venus within 9 deg-
    rees & Saturn within 15 degrees.

A combust planet loses his virility as he becomes proximate to the Sun. Combust planets are considered malefic.
The mutual aspects of Jupiter and Venus
Jupiter is the preceptor of the celestials and Venus is the preceptor of the demons. Both are antithetical.Hence their mutual aspects ( if they are 1/7 or Sama Saptama ) are considered negative.
The Visibility of Jupiter and Venus

Take 6 Nadis after Sunrise ( 6*24 minutes ) and 6 Nadis before Sunset ( 6*24 minutes). If Jove and Venus are seen in between, that day becomes inauspicious.
The Intercalary Months or Adhi Masas
It was observed that 228 solar months equals 235 lunar months. This is known as the Metonic Cycle, occuring in 19 years.

235-228 = 7 lunar months and these 7 months came to be known as Intercalary Months or Adhi Masas.

This is a lunar month when there are two  Solar Ingresses  or Soorya Sankrama.

This is a lunar month when there is no Solar Ingress or Soorya Sankrama.
Adhi Masa
This is a lunar month when there is no Solar Ingress prior to Ahamspathi.
We have calculated about 81 Doshas or inauspicious periods in our program.
We give the Dosha, whether it exists or not, and for what purpose it is used.
Here we give 20 Doshas. The scholar can have a look at the program and decide whether that Electional Hour is auspicious or not. This is the result got for an electional hour. 
           Dosha                             Yes/No                  Purpose
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Gulikodaya Dosha  NIL General 
Vishti Dosha NIL General
Lada Vaidhrutha  NIL General 
Gandanda Dosha NIL General
Lunar Gandanda Dosha  NIL General
Visha Gatika Dosha NIL General
Lunar Visha Gatika Dosha NIL General
Sarpa Masthaka Dosha NIL  General
Ushna Shikha Dosha NIL General
Ekargala Dosha Nil General 
Chandra Ashtama Dosha Nil General
Partner's 8th Moon Dosha Nil General
Shashtamandhyendu NIL  General
Riktha Ashtami Dosha NIL Gen/Business  
Pratyara Vipat Vadha  YES  General
108th Lunar Mansion NIL General 
88th Lunar Mansion NIL General
Nakshatra Pada Dosha  NIL General
Lagnendu Dosha NIL Marriage & Anna
Rahu & Mars in 8th NIL Marriage   



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