Vedic Lesson Lesson 66   

                                             Furthur Inauspicious periods of Electional Astrology


If we renounce inauspicious periods, we can get good, auspicious electional hours, which can take us to success.

Here we give the inauspicious periods, the Ashubha Murhurtas of Electional Astrology or Muhurtha.


Ashubha Yoga

This a  Thara Vara  Yoga, when certain weekdays and constellations coincide. Duration of inauspicious time is 3.75* 24 minutes.


This is the table for Ashubha Yoga.
Star Weekday
Bharani Sunday
Chitra Monday
Uthrashada Tuesday
Dhanishta Wednesday
Jyeshta Thursday
Poorvashada Friday
Revati   Saturday
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Junctional Points of the Zodiac, Gandanthas


There are three types of Gandanthas based on Signs of 30 degrees, Lunation of 12 degrees and Stars of 13 degrees and 20 minutes.
Rasi Gandantha
The end point of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and the starting points of Leo, Sagittarius and Taurus. .
Duration - One Nadi ( 1* 24 minutes ),  to be renounced
Nakshatra  Gandantha

Duration of inauspicious time - 15 Nadis ( 15*24 minutes )
The end point of the Junctional Stars, Aslesha, Revathi, Jyeshta.
The beginning point of the Junctional stars,  Aswini, Magha and Moola.


Thidhi Gandantha
Duration of Inauspicious time is 3 Nadis ( 3*24 minutes).
Thidhi is Lunation and the end times of 5,10 and 15 lunations and the beginning of 1,6,11 lunations are Thidhi Gandanthas.


The Karthru Doshas


The Zodiac is made up of 27 constellations and hence there are 27*4 = 108 lunar mansions,  as a constellation or Nakshatra is diviced into 4 Star Quarters.


To be renounced are


The Adverse  108th lunar mansion.

The Adverse 88th lunar mansion from birth lunar mansion.

The Eighth Zodiacal Sign from Moon Sign.

The lunar mansions in the Eighth from Moon.

Lunar mansions whose lords  are malefics.

Lunar mansions whose lord is Venus.

1,3,5,7 Stars from Birth Star.

& Eighth House from Ascendant.



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