Vedic Astrology Lesson 65 


About Progeny in Horary Astrology


When a query comes why a couple do not have children, the astro scholar has to discern the reasons. The Horary Chart helps a lot to understand the karmic reasons behind lack of progeny.  


There will be queries like Will the couple have children and when?
Here are some verses which will help the scholar to answer such queries.

Jupiter is the significator of children, putra karaka and his position is of paramount importance. The Fifth House is the House of Progeny.

Here we give ten verses which will aid the horary scholar to discern the causes for the lack of progeny. He can suggest divine remedial measures to overcome these karmic causes and take the client Godward.
If Jupiter be in angles
Or in trines or Rising
And be without aspects malefic
Gain of children is indicated !
If Gulika be in angles,
And if the House of Progeny
Is aspected by Saturn or is house Saturnine
A foster child is indicated !
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If the lord of the Fifth be
In quadrants, or in 9,11,12
And if he be powerful, unaspected by malefics
Lots of children indicated !
If Rahu be in Fifth
With the lord of the Fifth
And if he be aspected by malefics
Lack of children due to curse from snakes !
If Saturn and his son be
In Fifth or Ninth House
Aspected by malefics
Lack of children due to father's curse !
If Fifth lord be in Ninth
Aspected by malefics supreme
And associated with malefics
Lack of children due to God's curse !
If the Lord of Fifth be
With Mars or the Sixth lord
Aspected by natural malefics
Lack of children due to enemy's curse !
If Mars be with
The Lord of the Sixth, in Fifth
Without benefic aspect
Enemy is the cause !
If the Fourth be afflicted
By malefics, also Twelfth
And Fifth lord be with Saturn
Lack of children due to mother's curse !
If the Fifth lord be with Saturn
And if Gulika is in trines
And if a malefic tenants Ninth
Lack of children due to father's curse !

The divine remedial measure is to chant the Santana Gopala Mantra, wear the Santana Gopala Yantra and perform the Santana Gopala Homa.


This is the Santana Gopala Mantra

Devakeee Sutha Govinda
Vasudeva Jagat pathe
Dehi me thanayam Krishna
Thvamaham Saranam gatha

O Lord of the Cosmos entire
Born as Devaki's beloved son
Give me an offspring, O Lord,
Thou art my only Refuge !


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