Vedic Astrology Lesson 64 


  The Major Inauspicious Periods  of Electional Astrology   


There are certain electional hours which are to be eschewed. Here we give some such hours.  

  Moon in houses adverse


Shashtamandhendhu - The Moon in the adverse houses, 6,8,12 is to be renounced for all electional hours.

Rimphe Shashtashtama Sthane Varjaneeyasthatha Sasee.
Gulika Rising
Is considered inauspicious.

Gulika rises at 2 Nadis on Saturday, after Sunrise.
Here is the table of Gulika Rising in minutes.


1 SUN 624 240
2 MON 528 144
3 TUE 432  48
4 WED 336 624
5 THU 240 528
6 FRI 144 432
7 SAT 48 336



Soorya Sankranti or Solar Ingress


When the Sun enters a Zodiacal Sign, it is known as Rasi Sankranti.
16 Nadis ( 16*24 minutes )  before that time is known as Rasi Sankranti
16 Nadis ( 16*24 minutes ) after that is known as Bimba Sankranti.


This time is to be renounced for all electional hours. The time when the Sun enters 0 degress of a Sign is to be known from Mathematical Astrology.

There is another school of thought which says only 7.5 Nadis ( 7.5*24 minutes )  should be renounced.

Bimba Sankranti is good for religious purposes.


Solar Ingress into Cancer and Capricorn

When the Sun enters the First Point of Cancer, initiating the Southern Solstice or Dakshinayana, it is divine time or Punya Kala. Also when he enters the First Degree of Capricorn, initiating the Northern Solstice or Uttarayana. When this  Solar Ingress occurs, three days before and after have to be renounced for all electional hours.

Solar Ingress into Aries and Libra

The Solar ingress into Aries intiates Vishu or the Vernal Equinox.  This is known as Vishu Punya Kala or the divine time of Aries. When the Sun enters 0 degrees Libra, it initiates the divine time known as Thula Punya Kala. One day before and after these two solar ingresses should be renounced.

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For all other solar ingresses into the eight signs, only 30 Nadis ( 30*24 minutes ) should be renounced.
Mrityu Yoga

This is Vara Thara Yoga, when certain days of the week and stars coincide. We give the table for Mrityu Yoga.


Sunday Magha
Monday Vishakha
Tuesday Aridra
Wednesday Moola
Thursday Satabhisha
Friday Rohini
Saturday Utharashada 


If these weekdays and stars coincide, it is bad and 3.75 Nadis ( 3.75*24 minutes ) should be renounced.


Daghda Yoga


This is Weekday- Lunation Yoga, Vara Thidhi Yoga. When lunations and weekdays coincide


Day  Thidhi Lunation No
Sunday Dwadasi 12
Monday Ekadasi 11
Tuesday Panchami 5
Wednesday Dwitheeya 2
Thursday Shashti 6
Friday Ashtami 8
Saturday Navami  9


When weekdays and such lunations coincide, 3.75 Nadis ( 3.75*24 minutes ) should be renounced.


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