Vedic Astrology Lesson 63   

About Death in Horary Astrology


A man has 100 Apamrityus or chances of Death and one Kala Mrityu, Death itself.  While Kala Mrityu or  Death is inevitable, Apa Mrityu is not. With good and meritorious deeds, Apa Mrityu can be averted. That is why it is advocated to store treasures in Heaven. If we store treasures in Heaven or do Punya or divine merit, we can increase our longevity and fame.

Saturn is the significator of Death or Mrityu Karaka. His son Gulika is a greater malefic and represents Death ineluctable, Akhila Mrityu Samhara Karako Mandi. The positions of these two celestial bodies are important in horary prediction. Weak Moon also plays a large part. 
When a querent approaches the astro scholar about Death, these are the factors to be taken into consideration  by the horary astrologer.


If weak Luna be in Twelfth
If malefics tenant angles, Eighth,
If benefics not in angles
Death can be imminent !
If Moon be with Gulika
Tenant One, Seven, Eight
And if Mars Tenant Eighth
Death can be imminent !
If the Horary Ascendant ( Aroodha )
Be in 6/8 from Udaya
And if malefic tenant Seventh
Death can be predicted !
If Eighth Lord be with Gulika
And if weak Moon be in Eighth
And if Ascendant rises backwards
Predict Death, O Noble One !
If Luna be in Eighth or Sixth
And if he be aspected by malefics
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And if Mars tenant Eighth
Also Rahu in house same  !
If Moon be in Sixth
Or in Eighth from Ascendant Horary
Even if he receives aspects benefic
Death can still loom !
If Saturn's son be in houses,
4,5,7,8,9,10 and if malefics be
In houses except Three and Eleven
And if benefics be in houses,
3,6,8 &12, Death is certain !
If the lords of Aroodha and Udaya
Are weak, in debilitation signs
Or combust near Sun,
Death is imminent !
If the Eighth lord is in angles,
And if Ascendant lord is weak
If Luna is in trines from Gulika
Death can be predicted !
If Moon along with Ascendant rises
And if Jove be in the Twelfth
And if malefics tenant Eighth
Death can be predicted !
These verses are by heart to the astrologer, who knows them in Sanskrit. The scholar has to by heart all these verses, otherwise he will not be able to predict Death.


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