Vedic Astrology Lesson 62 

The Auspicious Marriage Time or Vivaha Muhurtha of Electiional Astrology


In Electional Astrology, all in all is the Electional Ascendant. The Electional Ascendant is defined as the Ascending Degree at the time of that auspicious event.   In Indian Civilization, most of the marriage times are determined by Astrology.    


The Electional Ascendant, Muhurtha Lagna
There are auspicious Ascendants and inauspicious Ascendants.
The Inauspicious Ascendants
Scorpio and Aries are considered inauspicious. ( Atheeva Varjitha Mesha Vrischikopaithra Nindithai ).

The Excellent  Auspicious Ascendants 
Virgo, Libra and Gemini are considered very auspicious. ( Kany Thula Nrimridhunanyathi Poojithani )
The Medium Auspicious Ascendants
Cancer, Pisces and Sagittarius are considered auspicious ( Madhya Kuleera Jhasha Chapa Vrisha Vivahai ).
Jupiter rising is considered auspicious ( Guroodaye Visheshena ). Jupiter in Leo is excellent. So is Venus in Aquarius and Pisces.


Of Northern and Southern Solstices


The Northen Solstice, six months from Capricorn onwards ( Makaradhi gathe shad ke uttarayanam uchyathe ) is considered Uthama or very auspicious.


The Southere Solstice, six months from Cancer onwards ( Karkyadi gathe shad ke dakshinayanam uchyathe )  is considered Madhyama or medium.
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( Ayane Utttare Sreshta Madhyamam Dakshinayanam )
The Solar months to be avoided
The sidereal months of Sagittarius, Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius are inauspicious. So is the latter half of Pisces, Vivahe Karki kalasa chapa kanyagatho ravi.


Auspicious Stars
The auspicious stars for marriage are


The Eighth Lunation in the Dark Fortnight, Krishna Ashtami


 The Eighth Lunation is renounced for all electional hours. But in marriage, it is considered very auspicious, Ishta Krishna Ashtamee.


Auspicious Days of the Week
The days of Saturn and Mars are considered inaupicious.
Arkari manda vareshu kriyade naadi shobhana.

Summing up, there are many factors to be avoided to get the most auspicious time. There are also other factors which we will write in another article.

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