Vedic Astrology Lesson 61 

    Definitions of Eight Equations of Horary Astrology


We have said that Vedic Horary Astrology is characterised by Five Major Equations. There are other equations which adorn Horary Astrology.


The task before the astro scholar is immense. He has to prognosticate based on 9 planets and 12 constellations. Since that is inadequate, more diagnostic tools and equations are given to him to assist in his noble task.

Here we give 8 more equations which can be useful to the horary astrologic scholar.


The Eight Equations or Sutras

We have said that the major 3 Ascendants of Horary, Aroodha, Udaya and Chatra should be in good relationship. If they are in trines, it is Jeeva, if two are in trines it is Roga and none of them are in trines, it is Mrityu.
Same holds good for the second comparison of Aroodha and Udaya Lords. Also for the 3rd, lords of Aroodha and Udaya Navamsas.
Mandi Sutra
Mandi means Gulika. Find out the position of Gulika and whether he is in angles or triangles. If Mandi is in angles, it is Mrityu, if in 2,5,8,11 it is Roga and if in 3,6,9,12, it is Jeeva.
Trisphuta Navamsa Dwadasasa Lord falling in negative regions
Trisphuta ( long gul + long moon + long lag ) is found out and we find out whether it has fallen in the negative regions of the Zodiac.
The first negative region is Birth Star, Janma Nakshatra. If TRI falls in Birth Star, it is considered negative.


Junctional Points of the Zodiac ( Risha Sandhis)


Other negative regions are the Junctional Points or Risha Sandhis. At 120,240 and 360 degrees, these occur. They are junctional points and their length is 3 degrees 20 minutes.
If Tri is in between 116.666 and 120
                               236.666 and 240
                                356.666 and 360
it is considered negative or Mrityu.


Lagna Sutra
Find out the position of the Ascendant. If the Sign No of the Ascendant = Sign no Mandi, it is Mrityu.  If not it is Jeeva.
Trisphuta Sutra
Let us see whether TRI or Trisphuta has fallen in signs occupied by malefics. The fiery planets are Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu and Ketu and if they occupy the same sign as TRI, it is Mrityu,negative. Else it is Jeeva Sutra.
 This is the table got after analysing the Eight Equations or Sutras by our program


No                     Equation or Sutra                                                                              Result

1 Aroodha Veedhi Chatra Roga Sutra 
2 Aroodha & Lagna Lords Roga Sutra 
3 Aroodha & Lagna Navamsa Lords Mrithyu Sutra 
4 Mandi Sutra Roga Sutra 
5 Tri Nav Dwa Falling in Janma Jeeva
6 Tri Nav Dwa Falling in Risha Sandhi Jeeva
7 Ascendant vis a vis Gulika Jeeva Sutra
 8 Trisphuta  with Malefics   Mrityu Sutra

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From this Chart, positivity and negativity can be  discerned. In Medical Horary, the Five Major Equations are used. Say for example, if Akasha Sutra or Ether  Formula represented by Jupiter is negative and if Jupiter is badly positioned in the  Chart Horary, there will be destruction of wealth, agriculture, good will etc. If the query is about longevity, the longevity of the native can be discerned from the above Mandi Sutra and  from the position of TRI or Trisphuta.     

Prediction about Death 

Trisphuta, as it deals with Mandi, generally is used to predict Death. If Transit Saturn transits the trines of  Kharesa or Lord of the 22nd Decanate, then during that phase, death can occur ! ( Randhra thribhagapathi mandirage cha Mande Tasya Trikonamapi prapti vadanti mrityum ).   Or during the time of Transit Jupiter, when he  transits the trines of the Ascendant decanate lord ( Udyag Driganapati Rasi gathe Suredye Tatra trikonamapi gachathi va vinasam ).    



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