Vedic Astrology  Lesson 60   

                                                              Definitions of the Great Equations of Horary Astrology



We have said that there are 3 Formulae in Horary.

They are Life Formula - Jeeva Sutra, Disease Formula - Roga Sutra and Death Formula - Mrityu Sutra


Repercussions of the Three Formulae


If we get Life Formula or Jeeva Sutra, it is excellent. There will be increase of longevity, wealth, fame etc

Ayur Veeryam Dhana mapi Yaso Vardhathe Jeeva Sutre

If we get Disease Formula, it is medium. There may be blocks in the financial sphere, mental rut and physical affliction.

Ruk Sootram cheth Dhana Hathi mano bhanga deha prapeeda

If we get Death Formula, it is very bad. Indicates increase of fear, disease, hindrance in profession  and death.

Bhee ruk vriddhi mrithir api mana karma bhangyothya Sutre


Relationship between the Three Ascendants


The relationship between the Aroodha and the Udaya Ascendants are of prime importance.

If they are 6/8, stop the Horary or Prasna.

If they are 2/12, stop the Prasna or Horary.

If they are in trines or angles, it is Life Formula or Jeeva Sutra

If they are powerful, it is Life Formula.

If the Aroodha Ascendant is powerful and if the Udaya Ascendant is powerless, it is Roga or Disease Formula.


If the Udaya Ascendant is in the debilitation Sign or inimical Sign of the Aroodha lord, it is Mrityu or Death.

If the three Ascendants, Aroodha, Udaya and Chatra are in trines, Life or Jeeva is the result.


Determinatioin of the Five Major Equations


Water Formula - Jala Sutra - Basically determined by the relationship between the two major Ascendants, Aroodha and Udaya.

Earth Formula -  Prithvi Sutra - Basically determined by the relationship of the two major Asc lords, in Cardinal, Mutable or Fixed Signs

Ether Formula - Akasha Sutra - Basically determined by the relationship between the 10 L and Aroodha, in solar or lunar signs.

Fire Formula - Agni Sutra -    Basically determined by relationship between the lords of Aroodha and Udaya Navamsa lord in Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable Signs.

Air Formula - Vayu Sutra - Basically determined by the relationship between Birth Star and the Star of Ascending Degree .


This is the result generated by our Software in an example horary case.


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Equation Relationship Result
Jala Sutra Aroodha & Udaya Ascendants  Roga Sutra   
Prithvi Sutra  Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable Signs  Roga Sutra 
Akasha Sutra Solar/Lunar Signs, Aroodha, 10 L Roga Sutra  
Agni Sutra Aroodha & Udayamsa Card, Fixed, Mut Jeeva Sutra 
Vayu Sutra Star of Ascending Degree & Star of Moon Mrityu Sutra


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