Vedic Astrology Lesson 57

                                                                   The Function of the Four Ascendants of Horary Astrology

                                                                                    Vedic Astrology Lesson 57


We have written in our columns about the Four Major Ascendants of Horary Astrology.


The Udaya Ascendant

This is the Ascendant of Natal Astrology, the Udaya Lagna. The Ascending degree on the Eastern Celestial Horizon at the time of birth.
The Aroodha Ascendant
Calculation of this is based on a number said by the client.  There are many types of calculations and one prominent method is the calculation of lunar mansions or navamsas passed.
The Veedhi Ascendant
There are Signs for Veedhi
They are Aries for Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo
Gemini for Scorpio ,Sag, Capricorn and Aquarius
& Taurus for the rest.


The Chatra Ascendant
Count the number of Rasis from Udaya Asc to Aroodha Asc and add this number to the Veedhi Ascendant and you get the Chatra Ascendant.
These are the four Major Ascs of V A Horary.
All calculations are from the Base Asc or Aroodha.
If the adverse houses,6,8 and 12 are tenanted by benefics and the benefic angles and trines by malefics, predict great misery for the native.

Aroodha Lagnendu Chatra
Ripu Randhrangakai Shubhai
Kendra Trikona kai Papai
Prushor Duritham Adisheth
Great misery indeed
If malefics tenants angles and trines
Also if benefic tenants houses adverse
Considering the Ascendants Four
The Four Ascendants signify different things.
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Aroodha - Curse by the learned
Lagna - Anger of the multitude
Indu - Black Magic
Chatra - Anger of the celestials

Thathu Brahama sapascha
Lokakrosai thada puna
Abhicharai deva kopaischa
Ithyath evam syath cathurvidham

Misery is fourfold
Curse by the learned, celestials
Magic Black and public anger
Represented by Ascendants Four



We have said all human sufferings arise due to transgression of Universal Law. It is the Universal Law of Karma, which is in operation and that which cannot be cured must be endured.
There are two types of Karma, fixed and non-fixed, Drida and Arida. Drida janya Karma is Prarabda Karma and it is ineluctable. On the contrary Adrida or non fixed Karma is not so inexorable and you can get relief from suffering.

In order to understand what type of Karma the native is undergoing, we have to look at the Hora Chart.
If most malefic planet is in Soorya Hora, in the Hora of the Sun, it is Drida Karma
If most malefic planet is in Chandra  Hora, in the Hora of the Moon, it is Adrida Karma

The Fourfold Evils - Chathurvidha Dushkrithayah
This is Hora Analysis mainly used to know whether the Fourfold
Evils have been caused by Fixed or Non Fixed Karma 
If the most malefic planet from AL UL Ch L and LAsc is in
Moon's Hora - the cause is Adridha or Non Fixed Karma else
it is Fixed ( Dridha ) Karma 


This is the result of a program which finds out which planets are in solar or lunar Horas.




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