Vedic Astrology Lesson 56   

                                                                   The Difficulties of Horary Astrology



Horary Astrology is difficult as the scholar has to answer each and every question. He has two major Lagnas, Udaya

and Aroodha and he has to prognosticate according to the position of the heavens.
One of the major questions he faces will be the onslaught of the enemy. The House of Enemy is the Sixth House.
How can he discern the Form of the Enemy  of the client ?


Form of enemy can be known from the Sixth 
Uncle or friend  is indicated by  Mercury
Intelligence son  wealth  mighty  Jupiter
Women are  represented  by the fair Venus
Low minded is the satellite Gulika
Vicious people are ruled by Saturn
Cleverly dressed is the demon Rahu
Saturn shows the vicious & the dark


Enemy problem seen
If the Sixth House is tenanted by malefics
If the Sixth House is aspected by malefics
If Badhakesh is in the 6th.
If Mandeesha is in 6th.
If Badhakesh is in the House of the 6th Lord.
If the 6 L ( Sixth Lord ) is in Badha
If 6 L is with Gulika
If Badhakesh is in the Fourth House.
If Badhakesh is in the Seventh House
If Gulika is in Badha
If Jupiter is with Gulika
If Badhakesh is conjunct with 6 L.
If Badhakesh is in opposition with 6 L.

Badha is seen if
Ketu and Gulika are  in Quadrant from Lagna  
Ketu and Gulika are in Quadrant from Badha
Rahu in 3rd and Gulika are  in Quadrant from Lagna
Rahu in 3rd and Gulika are in Quadrant from Badha 


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 The Zodiacal Total Longitude will help, to know the Negativity Factors
Zodiacal Number System : The Total Longitude Method                  
     If the Longitude Total falls in constellations negative              
     Not  fully  enjoyed will be  the House   Significations              
     If - on the other hand - positivity is more than  minus              
     All the significations of the House will fully  enjoyed              
     Negative  will  be the  house  indications  if                       
     Said Longitude falls in Signs & Stars negative!                      
     Samhara- Durithamsaka- Gandanda- Ushna-  Visha                       
     Dhooma  stars -  Vishti -  6 & 8th lords Sign!                       
     Signs rising backwards -Adhomukha Signs-Riktha                       
     Downtide Signs -Karanas & functional malefics!                       
     Positive be the house indications O scholar if                       
     Said Longitude falls in Stars & Signs Positive!                      
     Pranamsa - Dehamsa - Srishti - Piyusha - Oordhwa                     
     Benefic aspects -benign- Uptide-Trines & angles !           
If  Enemy trouble is   seen, the client has to resort to Remedial Astrology  

He can resort to chanting the Sudarshana Mantra - wear  the
Sudarshana Yantra &  perform the Sudarshana Havan for relief
from Satru Badha (torment from enemies). However this Tantric
rite is  Vaishnavite  &  for faster action and quick  relief
he can  switch over to Pratyangari Mantra - Yantra - Havan.



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