Vedic Astrology Lesson 55   

                                                The Afflictions of Horary and Electional Astrology


Let us define some concepts in the most difficult of all sciences, Astrology.


Vishti Dosha

Half Lunation is Karana. ( Thithy Ardham Karanam Proktham )
A lunation is 12 degrees and hence a half lunation is 6 degrees of arc.
Vishti Dosha is the Half Lunation happening in the first half of Full Moon, Poornima in the bright Fortnight
the Half Lunation of the 14th Lunation, Chathur Dasi in the Dark Fortnight
This half lunation is negative and should be eschewed for all Horary and Electional hours.
Riktha Dosha
The Lunations 4,9 and 14 are rejected for all horary and electional hours, as they are inauspicious. They are called Riktha.
The 8th Lunation, Ashtami, is also inauspicious.
Lada Vaidhrutha Dosha
Find out the Star which corresponds to the Lada Vaidhrutha. If the Horary or Electional Time falls on this star, this Dosha will be there.
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Lada Vaidhrutha Dosha = 173.5 - Long Sun

Gandantha is the last 15 nadis  ( 1 Nadi = 24 minutes ) of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. This time is considered inauspicious
Visha Dosha
.889 degrees is duration of this Dosha and this Dosha occurs in certain regions of the 27 stars. This Visha Dosha is to be renounced for all Horary and Electional Hours.  If this occurs in the Horary Chart, it indicates fear due to poison.
Sarpa Mastaka Dosha
If the Total Longitude falls in between 220 degrees and 226.666, it is Sarpa Masthaka Dosha. This period is to be renounced for all Horary and Electional Hours.
Ushna Shikha Dosha
From Aswathi, after 7.5 nadis, the next 7.5 nadis, from Bharani after 55 nadis ( 24 minuts ), 5 nadis, from Karthika, after 21 nadis,nine nadis are Ushna Shikha Dosha. This time is to be eschewed for all horary and electional hours.
In both Electional and Horary Astrology, these times are to be renounced.
These are the Doshas which are described by the following verse.


Samhara Tharo Durithamschakascha
Gandantham Ushnam Visha Nadika cha
Vishtischa RIktha Karanam Sthirakhyam
Ladargalam Vaidhrutha Saarpa Sheershe


These are part of the Nine Afflictions or Nava Doshas of  Jyothish Mahasamudra, the Infinite Ocean of Astrology. There are other afflictions or Doshas which are to be renounced.
Selecting an auspicious time is the task of  Electional Astrology and deciphering the heavenly codes in the Horary Chart is the function of Horary Astrology.  Intuition and experience alone can pave the way for correct prognostication.
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