Vedic Astrology Lesson 54   

                                                                Zodiacal  Total Longitude Method




Create the Zodiacal Total Longitude and see whether it falls in the negative or positive regions of the Zodiac.

Certain numbers  are given for certain signs and certain planets. If we multiply the Rasi numbers and the Graha numbers into the longitude of the Ascendant lord, we get the Zodiacal Total Longitude. This Total Longitude is known in Sanskrit as Guna Pindayana.
This is the equation for computing the Zodiacal Total Longitude.
Zodiacal Total Longitude = Long Asc lord * Rasi Gunakara * Graha Gunakara + Long Fifth Lord * Rasi Gunakara * Graha Gunakara


These are the Negative Regions of the Zodiac.
Samhara Tharo Durithamschakascha
Gandantham Ushnam Visha Nadika cha
Vishtischa RIktha Karanam Sthirakhyam
Ladargalam Vaidhrutha Saarpa Sheershe
Destructive stars, destructive star quarters
Junctiion points, poisonous longitudes
Negative vishti, half lunation,thidhi,
Argala , Lada Vaidhrutha and Sarpa Sheersha.
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Inauspicious satellites, their tenanting Signs
6,8,12 houses
Signs aspected by malefics
Signs rising backwards
Signs inauspicious
Signs with maleficence
Downtide signs
All these are indeed malefic !
Dhoomadi Rimphari Mritheesa Papai
Yogekshana Rimpha Ripu Sthithathvam
Prushtodaya Adhomukha Papabhamsa
Sarvatra Thoyakshyam Ithya Anishta
Positive regions are also defined.

Creative stars, signs with Pranamsa
Dehamsa, signs aspected by benefics
Signs with Uptide, Signs which come
As angles and trines
All these are indeed benefic !


Pranamsa Dehamsa cha Shrishti Tara
Peeyoosha Nadya Shubha Dhrishti Yogau
Jaloordhva Oordhvonayapi Kopi yasya
Kendra thrikonopagathasthvat Ishtam


These Sanskrit verses are taken from Prasna Anushtana Paddhati by Puliyoor.
We compute the Doshas or negativites by our Software and an example result is as follows. At one glance, we can know how many negativities are there. Since this program computes the longitude of the 5th lord, it is for Progeny Horary and if positive, we can predict positivity !
    No       NATURE                                                                DOSHA                       
1 Lada Vaidhrutha NIL
Gandanda Dosha   NIL
3 Samhara Tara    NIL
4 Durithamsaka  NIL 
5 Riktha Ashtami Dosha  NIL
Vishti Dosha       NIL
Visha Ghatika Dosha   NIL
8 Sarpa Masthaka Dosha NIL
9 Ushna Shikha Dosha  NIL
10 Shashtashamandhya Dosha NIL
11 Sthira Karana Dosha  YES
12  Adhomukha Rasi Dosha NIL 
13 Dhoomadhi Rasi Dosha YES
14 Prushtodaya Dosha  NIL
15 Downtide Dosha  YES
16 Papa Rasi Dosha NIL
17 Papa Navamsa Dosha NIL
18 Yugma Rasi Dosha  YES  
19  Yugma Navamsa Dosha   YES



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