Vedic Astrology Lesson 52                                                                                       

    Horary Chart for Progeny, Computation of Beeja, Kshetra and Santhana Sphutas


Childless couples may come to the astro scholar to check about the cause of the lack of progeny. The scholar will have to anlayse the House of Progreny, the positions of Jupiter and Venus and compute longitudes like Beeja,Kshetra, Santhana etc. Santhana Prasna - Progeny Horary

We have to calculate the male Beeja Sphuta, which is the combined longitudes of Jupiter,
Venus and Sun. And the female Kshetra Sphuta, which is the combined longitudes of Moon,
Mars and Jupiter.

The longitudes of Sun  Venus  Jupiter
Is  Beeja Sphuta called- O Noble One!
Moon Mars Jupiter collective is female
Kshetra Sphuta, used in Progeny Horary


Beeja Sphuta    =  Long Venus + Long Sun + Long  Jupiter

Kshetra Sphuta = Long Moon + Long Mars + Long Jupiter


If Beeja Sphuta is  in  an Oja Rasi ( Odd Sign ) & Kshetra Sphuta is  in an
Even Sign ( Yugma Rasi ), auspiciousness is indicated.
Well, these are the saying of the wise, the pramanas, for the lack of progeny.
This checks for some blocks regarding Fifth House Query

If Rahu be in House Fifth or with the Fifth lord
With malefic aspect;curse serpentine for progeny lack
If Saturn be in trines with his son from Aroodha
With malefic aspect;curse paternal for progeny lack
If Fifth lord be in Ninth from Aroodha Ascendant
With malefic aspect; Deities curse for progeny lack
If Fifth lord be with Mars from Aroodha Ascendant
With malefic aspect; Enemies curse for progeny lack
If Sixth lord be with Mars in House Number Five
With malefic aspect; Enemies cause for progeny lack 
If Fifth lord be with Saturn from Aroodha Ascendant
If Fourth be afflicted; Maternal curse for progeny lack
If Fifth lord be with Saturn  & Gulika from AL trinal
If Ninth be afflicted; Paternal curse for progeny lack
Santhana Thidhi

If we multiply the longitude of the Moon by 5, we get the Santhana Chandra Sphuta
If we multiply the longitude of the Sun by 5, we get the Santhana Ravi Sphuta
Since snm-sns = Lunation ( longitude of the moon - longitude of the sun ), thidhi,

Santhana Thidhi is given by the formula

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Santhana Thidhi = Long Moon*5 - Long Sun*5
The Santhana Thithi should be < 180 degrees ( Shukla Paksha or Waxing Moon Fortnight ). 
If greater than 180 problems seen as it is Krishna Paksha or Waning Moon Fortnight.
If Santhana Thithi > 240 degrees negativity is indicated. 
Santhana Lagna  Thidhi
Santhana Lagna Thidhi = Long ( Moon ) - Long ( Ascendant )
Check the Fifth House for Negativity Factors


If Santhana Tidhi Rasi is aspected by benefics - some hope.  Not so if it is aspected
by malefics.
If Santhana Thidhi falls in Waxing Moon
Probability of getting a child is high
Difficult if it falls in Waning Moon
And remote if it is after Lunation Fifth !
If ( in Waning Moon ) after Lunation Eighth
Worship the Lord of the Mountains ( Siva ) !
In Lunation Sixth, Lord Karthikeya
And Ganesh, if in Lunation Fourth !
If in Lunation Eighth, do Brahmakoorcha
Also the same in Lunation Fourteen
In Lunation Tenth do Ashtaka
And in New Moon do Parvana, O Noble One!  
All lunations in Waxing Moon positive
With Vishnu's Grace it will be received !
If in Lion's & Tiger's Karana
Indicates enemy trouble of a major sort !
If indications are negative, go for  Solution - Those difficulties  can be overcome by Santhana Gopala Homa 
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