Vedic Astrology Lesson 50    

                                                                          The Astrological Causes of Enemy Affliction - Shatru Badha


The Badha Stana or the House of Affliction is a major House in Horary Astrology.

One of the biggest problems which vex an astrologer is finding out the client's enemy from the horary horoscope. Here in this article, we will focus on  Shatru Badha - One of the most important aspects of Vedic Astrology  Horary .
In order to gain the gift of Intuition, which is the Eye of Wisdom, the scholar prays to the Inner Sun !
Asthu Trailokya Deepaya Bhakthabhi Mathadayine   
Samastha Vidya Nirmana Kavaye Ravaye Namah 
I bow down to the inner Sun, the Absolute Self,
Who  shines in all three relative states of consciousness 
The bestower of Bhakthi, the Conferror of all knowledge
And  who is the real Trikala Jnani.
May He endow us with the Gift of the Intuitive Mind !
It is important to know about Badha Sthana, before analysing the 6th House, which is the House of Enemy.
For Chara Rasis, movable signs,  the 11th House  is the Badhasthana
- Aries,Cancer,Libra and Capricorn

For Sthira Rasis, fixed signs,  the 9th House is the Badhasthana

- Taurus, Leo,Scorpio and Aquarius

For Ubhaya Rasis the 7th House is  the Badhasthana 
-  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.


Mandeesha also is Badhaka 
Mandeesha is the lord of the Sign occupied by Gulika.

All planets with Mandeesh are Badhaka

All planets with Badhakesh are also Badhaka
Badhakesh is the lord of the Badha Stana.
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( Charodaye Labha Grihe thu Badha
Sthithe pi Rasau Navame Vichintya
Thad Obhaye Kama Grihe Trayanam
Kendrasthithair ithyapare Vadanti       
- Prasna Anushtana Paddhati of Puliyoor)

Gulika is a dangerous player here, as he vitiates the house he tenants as well as his dispositor. The planet tainted by Gulidkadhipatya Dosha is a Badha planet. Also the planets he associates with become Badha planets.

The Lord of the Badha Stana, the Badhakadhipa, is another dangerous planet.


Discerning the Enemy via the Horary Horoscope
First find out who tenants the Badha Stana and what are the indications.
If Jupiter and the Sun tenant Badhasthana- Enemy is rich and handsome
If Mars- is a hunchback
If Mercury- is of big build
If Saturn- is lame.
If Venus- is a woman
( Shatruswaroopam Ripugena Vachyam ..........)
Is there Affliction ?

If the 6H lord is in Badhastana- Badha is obvious
If Badhakesh in the 6H- Badha is predicted
If Mandeesha is in 6H- Badha is obvious
If 6H lord is with Gulika- Badha is clear.
( Badheswarasya  Yogekshanam Ari Bhavane Shatrunathasya Yogo.... )    





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