Vedic Astrology Lesson 48  

The Triune Longitude, Trisphuta, of Horary Astrology


The Triune Longitude , Trishphuta is the longitude of Lagna,Moon and Gulika

Trisphuta =(  Long of Moon + Long of Ascendant + Long of Gulika )

Lagna represents Prana ( Lagnathyamsa asum ) 
Moon represents the Body ( Vapu Sasabhrutho) 
Gulika represents Death ( Mandescha Mrithyor Vidhu) 

Trisphuta is used mainly in Medical Astrology, to discern the health condition of the native.

IF the Lagna ans Moon are strong, the native will survive.

If Lagna is afflicted, remote are the chances of the native surviving.
If Moon is afflicted, same result.
If Gulika is afflicted, same result.
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A strong Moon, a strong Lagna and a strong Gulika indicates that the patient will tide over the crisis.
When Moon transits the Sign tenanted by Trisphuta
Or when Sun tranits that Sign
death is indicated.
If stars Revati, Jyeshta or Aslesha falls in the Trisphuta, destruction of Life can be predicted.

Trisphuta is deadly, as it contains the Death inflicting Mrithyu Sphuta

These are the negative indications ifs TRI or Trishphuta falls in negative regions... ....   no shobhanam trisphutam 

If TRI ( Trisphutam ) is conjoined with Gulika and other malefics  high inauspiciousness is indicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
If TRI ( Trisphutam ) falls in Risha Sandhis ( Kataka Vrischika  & Meena ) high inauspiciousness is indicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
If TRI ( Trisphutam ) falls in Gandandha Rasis ( the last Navamsas     of Kataka Vrischika & Meena ) high inauspiciousness is indicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
 If TRI ( Trisphutam ) Rasi falls in the Eighth Rasi of Querent  high i

nauspiciousness is indicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
If TRI ( Trisphutam ) Rasi falls in 108th Lunar Mansion from Querent's Star  

high inauspiciousness is indicated                                                                                                                                                                                                       
If TRI ( Trisphutam ) Rasi falls in 88th Lunar Mansion from Querent's Star  

high inauspiciousness is indicated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  If TRI falls in the last Navamsa of Cancer the patient may not live for more than one year.  

If TRI falls in the last Navamsa of Scorpio the patient may not  live for more than one month.       
 If TRI falls in the last Navamsa of Pisces the patient may not live for more than one week. 

The Story of Gulika


King Ravana had spiritual powers, which he used to his advantage. When his son Indrajith was born, he commanded Saturn to come and stay in the 11th House, the best House for Saturn to be in. Saturn, being a mischief maker, did so and put his foot in the 12th House ( If He is in the 12th, the native will fall ). An enraged Ravana cut off Saturn's legs and the conglomeration of blood and flesh moved over to Lagna. That conglomeration was Gulika.

Gulika is a dangerous satellite. Akhila Mrithyu Samhara Karako Mandhi.  He represents Death. Sure death can be predicted if he tenants the Horary Ascendant. He vitiates not only the House he tenants, but also his dispositor !

His dispositor becomes tainted by Gulikadhipatya Dosha. He is only good in 11 and 10 Houses. In the 11th, he causes prosperity ( Aishwaryavan Bhavagathe Bahu Bhritya yukta ) and in the 10th altruism ( Khasthe  Sukeerthee Para Karya Sakta ). 

In the First he causes physical ailments and wounds in the body ( Rogee Kshatango Gulike Tanusthe ). In the Second he gives great eloquence, Draksheti Vagvilasam but he vitiates the tongue of the native ( Nindyabhi Bhashee Dhanage Vivesha).