Vedic Astrology Lesson 47   


  The Major Ascendants of Horary Astrology                                                                   


The astrologic scholar, in order to awaken the Intuitive Mind, invokes the Inner Sun,

the Divine Solar Consciousness, which is everywhere !
O Whose light makes Luna Shine ! O Originator of the Solar Path !
O Self of the philosophers ! O lord of the luminaries !
Thou Preserver  Destroyer and Creator ! O well extolled !
O Time Eternal! give me the divine gift of articulate speech !

Moorthithve Parikalpitha Sasabrutho Varma Punarjanmanam
Athmethmavidham Kruthuscha Yajatham Bharthamara Jyothisham
Lokanam  Pralayodayasthithi  Vibhuschanekada  Ya Sruthau
Vacham Na  Sa  dathunaikakirana  Trailokya   Deepo  Ravi
Here the scholar is praying to the Inner Sun to endow him with the gift of Intuitive Reason
and uncontradictable eloquence !
The Four Ascendants of Horary Astrology

First the Four Ascendants are calculated, Aroodha, Lagna, Indu and Chatra
(Aroodha Lagnendu Chatra ).

Sarvam Aroodepi Chinthayeth - Everything is based on Aroodha in Horary, as
everything is based on Lagna  in Natal Astrology.

The two Main Ascendants are Aroodha and Udaya ( Lagna).


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MEDICAL  ASTROLOGY -    Longevity Factors

In Vedic Astrology  Horary three types of Formulas are used

Jeeva Sutra - Life Formula -
If the lord of Aroodha is with the Udaya Lord, in friendly houses, in Aroodha or Udaya, Jeeva Sutra is caused.

Roga Sutra  - Sustaining Formula
If the lord of Aroodha is powerful and if the lord of Udaya is not, Roga Sutra is caused.
(Aroodeshyo Baladye Lagnese Balavarjithe )
If the lords of Aroodha and Udaya are in exaltation houses or friendly houses, without any
relationship whatever, Roga Sutra is caused.

Mrityu Sutra - Death Formula
If the lord of Udaya is in the debilitation sign of Aroodha lord
or in the inimical house of the Aroodha lord
or in neutral house of the Aroodha lord, Mrityu Sutra is caused

If Jeeva Sutra is strong, the native will have  longevity and relief to disease
(Ayur Veeryam Dhanamapi Yaso Vardhathe Jeeva Sutre )

If Roga Sutra ,struggle with disease
(Ruk Sootram cheth Dhana Hathi Mano bhanga deha prapeeda )
If Mrityu Sutra - death to the native.

These are the major indications of these 3 formulas.

The astro scholar depends on these formulas to predict the present condition of the native in Medical Horary Astrology. Great care must be exercised while prognosticating, as wrong reading can wreck havoc on the fame of the astrologer.
Jupiter's position is vital, as He indicates Divine Grace. He represents all Deities, all sciences and all arts ! If he be angular, that is the Redeeming Grace. If He is badly posited in 6,8,12 houses, it will be difficult for the native to tide over the crisis. If He becomes the Aroodha or the Udaya lord, again it shows Grace. But if he owns the negative houses - 6,8,12- then He can devastate ! ( Sarveshwaranaam Dhishanesthi Nithyam....)


IF the lords of Aroodha and Udaya are 6/8, the astrologer should not proceed with the Prasna. He has to tell the client to come after some days and to invoke Divine Grace. If they are 2/12 from each other, the affliction is not so severe, but it is still there !
IF they are angular, that sign is good. Or if they are in trines !