Vedic Astrology Lesson 45  

                                                Kalachakra Dasa System of Prediction


Kala Chakra means the Wheel of Time. Kala Chakra Dasa is one of the most important Dasas in Vedic Astrology.

While in normal cases Udu Dasa ( of 120 years span ) is applied, Kala Chakra Dasa is to be applied if the Moon's Navamsa Dispositor is stronger.

Kala Chakra Dasagneyam Chandramseshe Balanvithe.


There are two types of motion - direct and retrograde, known as Savya and Apasavya in Sanskrit. 

The motion in Savya is direct - from Aries to Pisces.

The motion in Apasavya is retrograde - from Pisces to Aries.

There are two types of Chakras in Savya and Apasavya and we get four groups of Stars. 


Stars are groups into Four Groups




The Aswini Group

The Bharani Group


In Apasavya


The Rohini Group

The Mrigasira Group


The Savya and Apasayva Groups build stars of three.


Aswini        Savya

Bharani       Savya

Karthika     Savya

Rohini        Apasavya

Mrigasira   Apasavya

Aridra       Apasavya

and so on


There is a change Savya/Apasavya after 3 stars.


Group        Sub Gp        Lunar Mansions or Nakshatras

Savya I Aswini Ashwini,Karthika,Punarvasu,Aslesha,Hasta,Swati,Mula,Utharashada, Poorvashada, Revathi
Savya II Bharani  Bharani,Pushya,Chitra,Poorvashada,Uttarabhadra
Apasavya I Rohini Rohini,Aridra,Magha,Uttaraphalguni,Vishakha,Jyeshta,Sravana,Satabhisha
Apasavya II Mrigasira  Mrigasira,Poorvaphalguni,Anuradha,Dhanishta


Parama Ayus or Span of Life 

Ayus means longevity and Param Ayus means maximum longevity. 

In Savya the maximum longevity is 100 for the First Quarter of the Star, 85 for the Second Quarter, 83 for the Third Quarter and 86 for the Fourth Quarter.

In Apasavya it is the reverse order. 

Savya 100 85 83 86
Apasavya  86 83 85 100


Kala Chakra Dasa is basically a Navamsa based Star Dasa.  As each star has 4 quarters or Padas, the Zodiac is tenanted by 27* 4 = 108 lunar mansions. Now each lunar mansion has nine dasas and hence 108*9 = 972 Dasas are there in Kala Chakra Dasa.

It is a Rasi based Dasa.


Computation of Balance Kala Chakra Dasa 

In order to calculate the balance K C Dasa, find out the longitude of the Moon. See how much the Moon has traversed in that particular Amsa of 3 degrees and 20 minutes or 200 minutes of arc. 

Let r be the longitude of the moon and s be the end of that Amsa.

So s-r is the Balance minutes to be traversed by the Moon. 

x  = (s-r)*60/200

[ where r is longitude of the moon, s the end of the Navamsa  and 200 - the length of the Navamsa in minutes ].

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Multiply x with the Years of Dasa of the Planet, which will give the Balance K C Dasa.

Balance Dasa = x * Years of Dasa  


Zodiacal Sign    Owner of  Sign   Years of Dasa 

Aries, Scorpio  Mars  7
Taurus,Libra  Venus  16
Gemini,Virgo  Mercury  9
Cancer  Moon  21
Leo  Sun  5
Sagittarius, Pisces  Jupiter  10
Capricorn, Aquarius  Saturn 4


In the Sample Horoscope given on the Home Page of Eastro Vedica 

My star is Aslesha I. It is part of the Aswini Group,Savya Chakra. Hence the First Dasa is of Aries, next Taurus etc. 


Calculation of Balance Dasa


Longitude of the Moon in radians = 109.2406

End of the Navamsa in degrees = 110.00

So s-r = .7594

s-r*60 = 45.56

45.56/200 = 0.23

and  7 years is the span of Mars Dasa and so


7 Years *0.23 = 1 year 7 months and 4 days is the Balance K C Dasa at birth. 


I am now undergoing the Dasa of Virgo or Kanya or that of Mercury. I had a balance of  1y 7 m 4 d of Aries or Mars Dasa. After that for 16 years, Taurus or Venus. At the age of 17, I got Mercury, Dasa of Gemini. At the age of 26, I got Moon's period or that of Cancer. At 47, I got the Sun's period, that of Leo. Till 61y  7 m 4 d I will be having Mercury Dasa, as I am undergoing the dasa of Virgo. 

How to diagnose

Mercury is a functional malefic, owning the 3rd and 12th Houses. But he is in the 11th, in the House of Venus, in Taurus. Even though he is powerful in positional strength, his maleficence will still hurt. But as he is in the 11th, a House of Wealth, he can promote Business, but his 12th lordship will make me spend everything !ein Powder



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