The Effects of the 10th lord in many Houses
in Hindu Astrology

The 10th House or MC is considered the most important house after
the Ascendant.The calculation of the longitudes of the houses start with
the calculation of the longitudes of the Ascendant and the MC. This is

the formula used for calculating the longitude of the MC

Tan K = Tan R /Cos w

where K is the longitude of the MC, R is the mean longitude of the Sun and
w, the Sun's maximum declination.

The Tenth House deals with Profession, the important dimension in one's

One becomes a success in the professional sphere, depending on the strength
of the 10th lord and the 10th house. If the 10th lord is debilitated or weak,

the professional life of the native will suffer. If he be powerful, professional  
success is indicated.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Ascendant

Since the 10th lord is in the First,  the native will be a workaholic
and will come up the hard way to the top. They will be self  emplo-
yed and will have independent professions. If  their talents are
developed properly, they will be hailed as pioneers. Health prob-
lems manifest only during childhood.  Their principle is "Slow and
steady wins the race" and the  progress they achieve will be steady
and slow. They will have relations  with  powerful  people,  people
who are related to politics.  This  combination  is  conducive to
success in politics.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Second House

Since  the  10th  lord is  in the  2nd, the native is  lucky  as far as
profession is concerned.  Since  the 2nd is  5th from the 10th, they
will  be  successful in  their professional spheres. They may develop
their family business and if they suffer losses, they may  wind it up.
This is a combination  that bestows fame according to astrological
savants. A big patrimony may be inherited. Professional reputation
and enhancement  results  as  a  result  of hard work put in.While
they overcome  the  impediments  to success with determination,
they go up in the ladder of fame.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Third House

Since 10th lord is in the 3rd, part of the native's career will be spent
in  travelling.   They may  shine as speakers or writers. Brothers
will be instrumental in their progress in the professional  sphere.
Rivalry  with brothers and possible reversals as a  result likely.
Since they are wedded  to  truth, they command respect within their
circle. They will be  well liked  and  there  wont  be  any lack of
cooperation and  goodwill  at the  place of work. They may be beset
by problems in profession as the 3rd is the 6th from the 10th. They
will overcome these problems in time.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Fourth House

Since  the 10th  lord  is in the 4th, the native will be a versatile per-
son with  knowledge  in various subjects. They will be renowned for
their  learning  and generosity.  They may shine in real estate deals
and agricultural pursuits. They will wield political power and will
be known as good mediators. They will  have  powerful friends who
will help them in their hour of crisis. They will have a well decora-
ted house & conveyances.  Because  of their wealth and leadership
qualities, they will  have  followers  and  juniors who admire them.
This is a powerful position for public life.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Fifth House

Since  the 10th lord is in the 5th, the native will  excel in real  estate
deals and in speculation.They are inclined to Religion and Philoso-
phy and  lead  a  simple  life with prayer and meditation. They are
interested in learning  from  early childhood and adhere to Truth.
They will be blessed with  all  the comforts of life. They will have
powerful friends. As the  5th is 8th from the 10th, they will have
reverses in profession and  may be subjected to  vicissitudes. They
will have powerful enemies  also  who will try to  block their pro-
gress and development.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Sixth House

Since  the 10th lord is in the 6th, the native will shine in occupations
which are  connected  with  the judiciary, hospital or prison. They
will hold responsible posts.  They will  be known as  impartial
men and will be held in high esteem. There  may  be  transfers and
changes in their environment.  They will subject to  trouble through
enemies. As the 6th is 9th to the 10th, they will have professional
luck and people  will  recognise  them as professionals. They will
wield political power and have wealth beyond the dreams of avarice
Lucky breaks come to them automatically.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Seventh House

Since  the 10th  lord is in the 7th,  this is a powerful  position
for professional  life. Their IQ will be above the  average & they
will be renowned for  their communication skills. They will be ble-
ssed with a partner who  becomes a cause  for their career deve-
lopment. They may travel abroad for business. Their managerial abi-
lities are well known as they fill their targets in  time. They beli-
eve in people and in delegation. Hence all  ventures  initiated by
them prove to be  successful.  As  the  7th  is 10th  from the 10th,
their professional fame will surpass all boundaries.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Eighth House

Since the  10th  lord is in the 8th,  changes or  breaks in  career
are to be  expected. Anyway they will have a regal  status in  their
profession. They may become mystics & choose the  path  celestial.
They will be  blessed with good longevity.  They are   noble-minded
&   high  principled and uphold  lofty  principles.  They will be  well
appreciated by their juniors & associates. As  the  8th  is 11th  from
the 10th, they will have high gains via  profession. Their brothers
also  ascend the ladder of success.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Ninth House

Since  the 10th  lord is  in the 9th, the native will become a sage & a
mystic.  They will  become exemplars  and guides to those who
walk the path celestial. Fortune will favour them generally and they
will be well  off. A hereditary profession will be taken up by them
-viz that of a teacher, preacher or healer. Their father will  play
a dominant role  in their development and they will prove dutiful to
him. They are basically  altruists and charitable. They will shine
as psychological counsellors. They will  have a  regal status and
bearing and will be respected for their talents.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Tenth House

Since  the 10th lord is in the 10th, the native will shine in their profe-
ssion as  this  position  is conducive to professional brilliance.
They may turn to asceticism  during a particular stage in life. They
respect their seniors and get respected thereby. People will find
them trustworthy and they always prove to be good assistants who
can be depended on. They can wield immense political power &
always have contact  with  those  in the Government. A powerfully
posited 10th lord confers professional  enhancement & reputation.
People will look up to them for guidance.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Eleventh House

Since the  10th lord is in the 11th, the native will earn merit & reputa-
tion along  with  money.  They display a happy exterior always and
show bonhomie and geniality. This earns  them good reputation and
goodwill among the public. They will be  in a position to give emp-
loyment  opportunities to many a people. And this  makes them the
most sought after individuals with many friends. As the 11th is 2nd
from the 10th, profession  will   fetch them immense largesse. Fame
and reputation will be theirs. Professional enhancement indicated.

The Effects of the 10th lord in the Twelfth House

Since  the  10th lord is  in the 12th, the native is likely to reside ab-
road and will  be  beset with  many problems and obstacles. They
will be after Self  Actualisation. They should be cautious in matters
of  tax or when dealing with government organisations. Beware of
involvement with politicians which will result only in major loss for
them . They may  have a vocation linked to rituals  and religion.
Income  may be  from  ecclesiastical sources. They may have many
enmity & problems in  profession.They are advised to turn to remedial
measures for problem solution.