The current fascination with the Psychic and the Occult owes a lot to
Einstein whose Theory of Relativity changed man's concept of the Universe. The entire Universe is a four dimensional Space-Time continuum, with the
three dimensions of Space and the fourth dimension of Time. Time, not
Space; Mind, not Matter became the formula of the philosophical.

Regarding the Sixth House
in Hindu Astrology

The Sixth House represents enemies and wounds. This is an important
house as enemies can destroy our mental peace. Even though philosophically
the Adversary is an active collaborator and is the builder of the strength in man, practically he can make us cry with his machinations ! Hence a
powerful Sixth lord is called for; if the sixth house is weak or aspected
by malefics, we are bound to suffer.

The best Yoga for the destruction of enemies is Jupiter in the Ascendant &
the North Node in the sixth. This is also known as Ashta Lakshmi Yoga.
This Yoga will wipe out enemies !

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Ascendant

If the 6th lord is in the ascendant, the native will be rash & adventurous
and become inimical to own people. He/she may join Defence or may be
a jail superintendent. They may be worried by some kind of sickness.
This worry may be imaginary. They may be plagued by enemies. Their
virtues may make them honourable before the public. They may be out
of control if they are not well guided during childhood. Unless
negative elements in them are not controlled, they may join a criminal

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Second House

Since the 6th lord is in the 2nd, the native will be enterprising and will
live in a place where he/she are more surrounded by enemies than fri-
ends. They are workaholics. They have tremendous communication
abilities which they will use to their advantage. They know how to talk
their way to the top. They are always shaky about scarce economic
resources & financial conditions. They need not worry about health.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Third House

Since the 6th lord is in the 3rd, the native may have to face tremendous
enmity & non-cooperation from neighbours. It makes them angry and
lose confidence. It will be full scale war if they clash with someone they
love. It is quite likely that there will be enmity with younger co-borns.
Neighbours become hostile & they may have to face their wrath. They
are always upset by the machinations of their enemies.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Fourth House

Since the 6th lord is in the 4th, the native may not have much happiness
from his/her mother. He/she will be an accomplished raconteur. They will
be intelligent enough to make stories. They have an inherent subconscious
fear of losing mother's love which in turn creates a massive emotional
complex in them. Education gets disrupted. People think they are
strong minded which is not true. Troubles through servants indicated.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Fifth House

As the 6th lord is in the 5th, the native will be subject to dire vicissi-
tudes. They are quite capable of taking care of their self interest.
The atmosphere at home may not be smooth enough. Their maternal
uncle may help them. Due to stress intense they may shatter all ties
with relatives and fall into a a sad neurosis which is unnatural to their
normal style of functioning. They are humourous & strong willed.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Sixth House

Since the 6th lord is in 6th, pro and contra groups will function
wherever the native works. They go & attain strength to fight their
enemies.Their inner conscience conflicts against their outer actions.
They will be blessed by conveyances and they will have good
longevity. Enemies pose problems but ultimately they triumph.
Debts will not trouble them as the 6th lord is powerful. They
will recover from illnesses due to the sixth lord's strength.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Seventh House

Since the 6th lord is in 7th, the native will be surprised by the
difference between actuality & the marital life which he/she dreamt.
It is likely that they will marry from within their family. Their
maternal uncle may live abroad. They abhor day dreaming. Clashes
with life partner likely.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Eighth House

Since the 6th lord is in the 8th, enmity increases from the native's
associates. They demand respect which they may not get from the
people they deal with. The adverse position of the 6th lord can
give diseases and debts which can be prevented if cared for in
time. They may be subject to the machinations of enemies. Enemies
may go in for a campaign of character assassination to destroy their


The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Ninth House

Since the 6th lord is in 9th, the native's professional fortunes will be
subject to severe vicissitudes. Misunderstandings arise between
them and their father.That they are totally different from their
enemies will be showed by Fate through numerous incidents.
Ultimately they triumph over their enemies with the touch of poetic
justice.Their father will be quite renowned. Their enemies will be
fooled & their friends will benefit from their association with them.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Tenth House

Since the 6th lord is in 10th, they are bound to be successful in
foreign countries/far away lands. They will be endowed with the
gift of articulate speech. Their ancestral properties which they
inherited will be subject to litigation and disputes. They are adepts
at management & it will surprise many how they achieve their results
and control their adversaries. They always exercise their will power
& establish superiority.

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Eleventh House

Since the 6th lord is in the 11th, they will gain a lot from enemies
and acquire wealth thereby. Their spouse is in the habit of spending
more than they earn. Since their degree of adaptability is enormous,
they will adapt to the fiscal extravagance of their partner. Enemies
who worked against them now realise that they are more powerful
than what they thought & that they are formidable adversaries..

The Effect of the Sixth Lord in the Twelfth House

Since the 6th lord is in the 12th, the native becomes a sadist taking
pleasure in torturing other beings. Their destructive power helps
to annihilate their enemies. They are not in any way hesitant to
spend largesse and effort on things which the ethical refrain from.
Personal satisfaction is their motto & they bother not about Ethics
& Morality. They accept any hedonism that appeals to them &
which arouses their emotions. They will be subject to considerable
persecution from their enemies.