Regarding the Second House

The second house is the significator of wealth and speech in Hindu Astrology. Domestic happiness is also its signification.

If the second house is a benefic sign and if the second house is tenanted by benefics and if the second lord is in a quadrant or a trine, he will become immensely rich with oratorial prowess.  

If the Ascendant lord is weak and if the second lord is weak with malefics posited in 6,8,12 houses, he will be poor and helpless. If the second lord is exalted in a quadrant or trine, and if that sign dispositor is powerfully posited in benefic houses, he will have remendous wealth and will  protect a lot of people.  If the second lord is aspected by benefics and is posited in a quadrant or  trine, he will be handsome. If not, he will be ugly and wicked.  If the second lord is aspected by malefics  and is with malefics, he will  stammer and stutter.  If the second lord is with malefics, is posited in the tenth with an  afflicted Sun, and if Mars and the Sun are posited in the second house,  his speech will be afflicted and he will be rejected by others.  


The Effects of the Second Lord in the 12 Houses

The Effects of the Second Lord in the Ist House  

As the 2nd lord is in the ascendant the native will be wealthy. But there may  be strained relationships with  other members of his/her family. He/she  wants to be  away  from home and he/she will  long for pleasures outside his/her home and  family. The native  have to be careful not to get involved in fraudulent transactions. They  will be subjected to vicissitudes as financial ups and  downs  mark their career.  They do not care much for manners & their  manners may be frowned down by society. Domestic happiness  becomes  a  problem. The native  will  be  sweet tongued  but sometimes she/he  will be prone to anger and angry words.    

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 2nd House  

As the  2nd lord  is  in the  2nd house,  the native will be financially sound. To be great is to be misunderstood & the native's  expressions of  self-confidence and pride are likely to be misunderstood. Flattery  will give  ego  satisfaction.  They do  not  like those who  question their knowledge  as they  feel that they know all the answers.  They are most likely to have a small family. They  will be sweet toun-  ged and  will be known for their gift of the gab. The native's  wealth will  be above medium and above want.

 The Effects of the Second Lord in the 3rd House  

If  the 2nd lord is in the 3rd  the native will be blessed  with the qual-  ilites of valour,  wisdom  and economic  prudence. They  believe that love is physical and  do not  believe  in  Platonic Love. To the native love and  existence are synonyms.  The native may fall  under the temptation of atheism and  the native may become attached to luxurious life. One sister will help.  They are interested in music and fine arts and this will help them professionally. The native  needs  intellectual  company in both love and business.   They are not bothered by religious rituals.  The native may be looked down upon by people as a miser.  


The Effects of the Second Lord in the 4th House  

As the 2nd lord is in the 4th, the native will be blessed  by  house and conveyances.  The native will be blessed by a pious and  religious mother. They have to  develop  a  protective  shell to shield themselves from those  who   assassinate  their  character. They will be frugal in money matters.  The native will earn well from land  &  automobiles as 4th house represents vehicles  and land.   The native's oratorial prowess  will impress the native's  friends  & relatives.  The native may be  helped  by maternal relatives.  The native may be helped by the native's  mother  and  her  brothers & sisters.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 5th  House  

As the second lord is in the 5th, the native will be lucky  with investm ents which will pave the way for prosperity  even for the next ge neration.  The native may become a victim of abandonment & lack of sympathy.  This  may shock them to the extreme. This has a bad effect on them in  the sense they become unkind to people. Gains unexpected in the  form of lotteries likely. They find the domestic atmosphere  restrictive sometimes and sometimes enjoyable. This is good for  speculation. They can try their  luck in lotteries & the stock market.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 6th House  

As the 2nd lord is in the 6th, the native gains  from and through enemies power, privilege and wealth.  The native will cut anyone to size who go against the native's  wishes &  aspirations. They always achieve what they really want even  though  people  say  they  employ means that are not above board.  The native's  wealth and power may be attributed to black marketing, black  mailing and deceit.  Be careful about health. The native may be assailed by health  hazards in the latter part of life.  The natives are likely to be subject to persecution from enemies. The native will emerge victorious in the end.  

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 7th House  

As the  2nd lord is in the 7th  the medical profession may attract them with  its treasures.  They  always  condescend  and  always help others  who  are  lacking  in  luck.  They may   waste  much  money for the gratification of the senses.   They have to instill discipline at home. Otherwise they will  be  criticised  heavily.  The native may have many sources of  income, one of them  foreign.  The native's partner may be religious and pious.  The native's  partner will have a good aristocratic background. The native's  wealth  will be  subject to fluctuations as alternate ups and downs mar  the native's  career.  



The Effects of the Second Lord in the 8th House  

As  the 2nd  lord is in the  8th  it  will be difficult for them  to retain assets.  Misunderstandings with members of  family likely. The native's hypersensitivity is  so high that even a hint of emotional abandonment can bring about  unreasonable panic, if not terror. They are likely to lose  wealth.  Elder  brother may misunderstand  The native will have  to put in extra effort to retain  inherited wealth. Relatives turn enemies. The native's words may be misunderstood and there may be enmity. Domestic happiness  becomes a problem. Beware of anger and angry words.  

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 9th House  

As the 2nd  lord is in the 9th, the native will attain to wealth & the native will have professional expertise  during  the  latter part of  the native's career. During the  early period of  the native's  life there will be considerable suffering, both physical &  mental.  The native may secretly resent the loss of childhood innocence & pleasures.  The native have to establish unrivalled command  on  others  to retain the image of superiority & self respect.The native  will visit pilgrim spots and follow Religion & Philosophy as 9th house represents Wisdom. The native may get legacies & benefits will come from many a source.

The Effects of the Second Lord in the I0th House  

As the 2nd lord is in the 10th  house  the native   will have professional expertise in whatever profession he has chosen.  The native  will have to exercise the maximum temperance & keep away from temptations.  The native's concept of love is that it is physical and corporeal  They do not believe in Platonic Love. The native may not get much  happiness  from progeny. The native  will  be  engaged in many a vocation. The native will do business or take to agriculture The native will also indulge in philosophical  dissertations  or  lectures. As a result the native  may get fame, name & largesse.    

The Effects of the Second Lord in the 11th House  

As the 2nd  lord is in the 11th,  manifold  will be the sources of income The native   will attain fame  by  virtue of his/her diligence.  The native's health will progressively improve. During  childhood  the native may have health problems. The native   can  earn money by banking and finance.  The native's self development  stuns  people  and growth generates envy, as both 2nd and 11th  represents wealth   The native will be sufficiently welloff and  above  want. As the 11th  represents the  fulfillment of all desires  the  second lord  posited therein indicates that all the native's desires will be fulfilled.  

The Effects of the Second Lord in the I2th House  

As the 2nd lord is  in the 12th,  the native will be  devoid  of immense wealth. It is quite likely that the native  may be  interested in  other's material  possessions. The native may  not  get  much happiness from the elder brother. The native  may  yearn for  such  love. The native may be cheated  by people. There  may be violation of confidentiality as the trust the native  place in people may be violated. The native should curb the tendency  to criticize others. They  may have a vocation connected by rituals and  religion. They  are  quite  likely  to  be  involved  with the government.