The twelve dimensions of life are represented by the twelve houses of the Zodiac.

The rising Sign at the Eastern Horizon is known  as the Ascendant and is the First House. First House represents  personality and  fame. The native's complexion is indicated by the  color of the Ascendant lord ( brownish if the Ascendant lord is Jupiter ) and the color of the planets aspecting the Ascendant .    

If the Ascendant lord is exalted or aspected by a benefic in Amsa in own house or friend's house, posited in quadrants or trines, the native will be blessed with wealth, happiness and the eightfold Siddhis or paranormal powers ( in Hindu Astrology ).    

If on the other hand, the Ascendant lord is weak, debilitated, with malefic planets, in inimical Amsa and aspected by malefics, the native will be unhealthy, poor and will be indulging in self-destruction.  

If the North Node is posited in the Ascendant with malefics, he will be insulted by people. He will be tormented by enemies and crooks.    

The Effects of the Ascendant Lord in the 12 Houses  


The Ascendant lord in the Ascendant   If the ascendant lord is  in the  ascendant itself, the native will be famous automatically.  Endowed  with  material happiness  he/she will be known  for  his/her  independent  spirit to live by own efforts. The native will be  fickleminded.  The native will  maintain  multiple  interests in unrelated subjects & people.  The native will  always be alert physically & mentally. Chances are that he/she will  visit foreign or far away lands. He/she will be endowed with fame & wealth. They command respect in their circle. They will have a magnetic personality & majestic appearance. They will be endowed with personal magnetism & charisma.    

The Ascendant lord in the Second House   Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 2nd house the native will be graced by scholarship. They  will be  blessed by many   outstanding qualities. They will be spiritual and  religious by nature. They will have a charming, magnetic personality. They  will be blessed  by the gift of the gab or the divine gift of  articulate speech. They will impress others by  eyes which  are  penetrating  and by articulate abilities. They  will have  domestic  happiness. They will be sweet- tongued and  graceful in speech. It  is said that Goddess of Speech will reside in them indicating poetic & communication abilities.    

The Ascendant lord in the Third House   Since the lord of the ascendant is in the 3rd house, the native's  courage will be indomitable. His/her  actions may be considered unorthodox and unconventional by  society.  They know  that  character is the  greatest wealth and they should not let anything  mar their reputation. He/she have the potential to  become a great  musician.  Similarly if they develop their mathematical abilities  they can become great mathe- maticians. They should be careful about their health. They are able to maintain parallel interest or relationships with different individuals.    

The Ascendant lord in the Fourth House   Since the ascendant  lord is in the 4th house  the native will be born in an aristocratic family. The native will  generally be  good looking and ambitious. He/she will be a workaholic and prosperity is sustained by hard work. The native is well behaved in society.  He/she  will have good physique & and impressive personality. They will have happiness from mother. They will be blessed by a house and conveyances. They will have a lot of friends. They become famous  amidst  their circle. They become a leader amidst friends &  relatives. Uncles may be  favourable to them. They will have a good house with all comforts.  

 The Ascendant lord in the Fifth House   Since the  ascendant lord  is in  the 5th, fame will come to the native by its own. They become aggressive and belligerent. They may gain the good will of the political parties in power. It is quite likely that they  will  benefit  from commercial & diplomatic services. They  will shine in Govt Service. They will get the support of officials and seniors. They will be lucky in  speculation and they know the adage " You can't accumulate if you don't speculate".  If they use their intellect they can be lucky in investments. The  speculative stock market has its charms for them.  

The Ascendant lord in the Sixth House   Since the ascendant lord is in the 6th  they will be courageous and distinguished. They will be financially OK. They employ means that are not above board.  There may be debts  which they are capable of paying in time. They  may join the  armed forces and reach a high official position. They will be  helped by brothers and sisters. They may be  employed in the  health sector. They are advised to care of their health. Enemies  they  will have in plenty  and they have to be careful about their machinations. Their success  may generate jeal- ousy amongst their enemies. They will be successful generally.  

The Ascendant lord in the Seventh House   Since the  ascendant  lord is in the 7th  they  have  to be careful about the health of their partner. It  is quite likely that they may develop vairagya and  turn to asceticism during the latter part of their life. They may wander without gaining momentum. They experience vicissitudes and moods always alternate between dejection &  elat- ion. They may end up in a foreign  country. They may  examine people &  ideas  in  order to get  at  Truth.  They  will  become  famous & trustworthy. He/she will have a powerful personality with penetrating eyes.  

The Ascendant lord in the Eighth House   Since  the ascendant lord is in the 8th the native will be a scholar with excellent academic records. They will have to be careful about their health. They should  avoid  gambling  &  speculation. They have love & interest for occultism.  They may give chances to others to question their character. Unfortunate events  may invade their life. They may try to escape tension by taking to drugs,  alcohol & day dreams instead of meditation  & prayer.   These  tension relieving tendencies should be controlled. Many deaths in the family may be witnessed.    

Ascendant lord in the Ninth House   Since the native's ascendant lord is in the 9th  they will  be fortunate as regards luck  both material & spiritual. Oratorial skills & commu- nication ability will  be  well developed. He/she will  be known as a silver tongued orator. They are dignified and  majestic and will be well appreciated by the  opposite sex. They are likely to inherit a paternal legacy. They  will  have  domestic happiness. They will be deeply spiritual and  religious. They will be devoted to the prece ptors and God.  Philosophy  &  Religion  will sway them & they may take to asceticism during the latter part of their life.    

The Ascendant lord in the Tenth House   Since the  ascendant  lord is  in the 10th the native will have  professional enhancement & reputation. They  will enjoy parental happiness It  is likely that  they   may  feel stifled by parental authority. Ascendant lord in the 10th is  excellent for fame in the  professional sphere. When they show their sense of discipline and  workaholism it will be appreciated  by  the seniors  and  thereby  they  will earn fame  name and patronage.  They   will  grow  up   in   the   right direction only.  He/she  will   be   a  self made man with  self made wealth. They may have income from many sources.   

The Ascendant lord in the Eleventh House   Since the ascendant lord  is in the 11th  the native will be inclined  to beauty and harmony in music, art and romance. They associate  freely with all, particularly with  the opposite  sex. They are  advised to guard against  marital infidelity. They will be  subject  to delays or  difficulties in  marriage. They  will  not experience financial difficulties. They will  succeed in business and their fiscal success will be due to their elder brother. Elder  sisters will also be fav- ourable to them. As far as gains are concerned  they will make prof- its commensurate with their abilities.    

The Ascendant lord in the Twelfth House   The native  has  to be careful with money as he/she are likely to be a spendthrift.  They  have a duality or polarity in their character which they must bring  into harmony. Beware of gambling.  They believe in the principle that Right means for the right ends. They  will  fare  well in education. They derive more pleasure  serving than being served and from giving than receiving. They are  likely  to  become altruists consecrating their life  for the welfare of their fellowmen. They have self  control & mastery of the senses.