The Moon's orbit and the earth's orbit intersect and these two intersecting points are known as North Node ( Rahu ) and the South Node ( Ketu ). These orbits differ by 5  degrees. They are mathematical points which influence human behaviour. Hence great importance has been assigned to these Nodes in Hindu Astrology. The role of the North Node ( Rahu ) in Horoscopy  

North Node's Effects in the 12 Houses  

Rahu in the Ascendant

Rahu in the Ascendant makes one disease-prone and lazy. Will lack mercy,wealth,happiness,righteousness & happiness from children. Wont have much longevity. Will be subject to the temptations of the flesh. But if Rahu is in the signs of Cancer, Taurus or Aries, these effects will be invalid as he is powerful in these signs.

Rahu in the Second House

Will have less wealth. May be sunk in debts. Will be diplomatic but then diplomacy is a dignified form of concealed hypocrisy. Will be anger-prone. May have diseases on the face. All malefic planets in the second are adverse for wealth.  

Rahu in the Third House  

Will have a high opinion of oneself. Will have the power of attraction. Will be liberal and spendthrift. This postion of the North Node confers good longevity as the Upachayas ( 3,6, 10 & 11 houses are good for malefics ). This also is a Kubera Yoga - a position for wealth.

Rahu in the Fourth House  

Medical Astrology postulates that heart may be afflicted if any malefic is posited in the fourth. ( As the Fourth House rules the heart ). Will be devoid of happiness, landed properties, relatives and conveyances. All relatives will become your enemies. This position of the North Node is detrimental to getting legacy from mother.

Rahu in the Fifth House  

Will have less progeny, only one son. Will be anger-prone. Will be abandoned by relatives. Will lack guts needed for success. Will be selfish and self-oriented.  

Rahu in the Sixth House  

Medical Astrology postulates that if a malefic is posited in the sixth, stomach disorders will haunt the native. Will have prosperity and along with prosperity, enemies. Will be virtuous, Will be famous, Will have good digestive power. Will be victorious but will have to face enemy trouble. Will be a commander and will be skilled in combat. Will be a lord with a lot of subordinates. Digestive tract disorders indicated. High longevity indicated.  



Rahu in the Seventh House

Will be a spendthrift ignoring economic prudence. Will lack general happiness and intelligence. Will give priority to liberty. Will be disease-prone. Will be devoid of marital happiness. Will have to face humiliation. May be insulted by women. Body may be tormented by illhealth. Will be travelling a lot.

Rahu in the Eighth House

Will be subject to persecution and calumny. Will have less longevity. Will lack   happinessfromprogeny. This position of the North Node indicates Karmic backlog. Will be devoid of relatives and wealth. Will be melancholic & sorrowful. Will be quarrelsome and will be fastidious. Will have to face defeat in many situations.

Rahu in the Ninth House

This is a Raja Yoga ( regal power ) causing Rahu. Napolean had this yoga ( Libra rising, Rahu in Gemini ). Will have wealth, relatives and sons. Will have reverence for the preceptors and devotion to spiritual people. May harm the father. Will be devoid of Dharma. Will be a misogynist.  

Rahu in the Tenth House

Will be famous and endowed with professional skill. Will be fond of war and the battlefield. Will not hesitate to do evil acts. Will be adventurous and will have a lot of consorts. This dominance of Rahu on the Meridien is capable of conferring regal status, knowledge and valour.  

Rahu in the Eleventh House

Will be wealthy with high education. Will have good longevity and a lot of good subordinates.Will have high professional skill. Will be strong and will be prosperous Will have high longevity and humble. Will enjoy all comforts.

Rahu in the Twelfth House

Will be averse to committing sins publicly. Will be subject to health hazards. Will have eye troubles and will be devoid of sons & wealth. Will be weak and may fall from profession. This adverse position of Rahu is not good from the perspective of profession as a fall is imminent.