Mathematics gave birth to the Law of Probability. When this Law based on astronomical facts & figures is applied , it becomes the Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology. Rightly it has been defined as a Lamp in darkness. Despite the allegations levelled against it, Astrology continues its role as one of the noblest professions & one of the greatest sciences which human intellect has built up.  

The role of Moon in Horoscopy

As the Queen of the Solar Logos, Moon is an important luminary capable of conferring great mental power. The position of Moon is very important from the perspective of prosperity.A strong Moon, powerful in digit strength,can give immense courage to the native and courage is essential for prosperity. Prosperity depends on the position of Moon & Jupiter, the indicator of wealth. The Moon is considered as a natural benefic in HIndu Astrology.  

Lunar Effects in the 12 Houses    

Moon in the Ascendant  


If weak Moon ( weak in digit strength ) tenants the First House, the native will be devoid of mental strength and longevity. If Full Moon is posited in the Ascendant, the native will have good longevity and will be a scholar. If the Ascendant is Taurus or Cancer, the native will be wealthy & famous.  

Moon in the Second House

Will have wealth & all sorts of enjoyments.Will have the gift of the gab or the divine gift of articulate speech. Will be handsome and will have the ability to understand other's perspectives. Will be educated with scientfic knowledge.

Moon in the Third House

Will have wealth,education, virility & pride. Will have good strength. Will have gains via brothers. Will be miserly.    

Moon in the Fourth House

Will have wealth and conveyances. Will be liberal and altruistic. Will be fond of the other sex. Will not be too attached to anything. Will be a donator.

Moon in the Fifth House

Will be highly intelligent and kind. Will be interested in politics. Will be affable and diplomatic.

Moon in the Sixth House

Will be cruel and intelligent. Will have disorders of the digestive tract. Will face many a defeat. Will be intelligent and clever. Will be slightly lazy. This position is slightly detrimental to prosperity.

Moon in the Seventh House

Will posses wealth & fortune. Will have a high standard of comeliness. Will have accumulated property. Will be kind. Will enjoy the pleasures of the mundane.

Moon in the Eighth House

Will be quarrelsome and devoid of benevolent attitude. Will be afflicted by many a disease. Will be handsome. Will have less longevity. Will have marks caused by wounds on his/ her body.

Moon in the Ninth House

Will be highly religious,liberal & will have devotion to elders and preceptors. Will possess devotion of a high order.

Moon in the Tenth House

Will be well off. Will have gains from education .Will be liberal and altruistic. Will be famous and will get fame from many altruistic deeds.

Moon in the Eleventh House

Will have wealth and a lot of subordinates. Will have education of a high order. Will be versatile. Intelligence of a high degree will grace the native. Will be altruistic and liberal.  

Moon in the Twelfth House

Will be lazy and devoid of wealth. Will be an outcast. Will have to face a lot of defeats. Will live in foreign lands. Mother's health may be affected.