The Unwritten  Vedas

Cognised in higher states,
Of Consciousness Transcendent,
The  Immortal Vedas
Were never written !

Apaurusheya means not  man made,
But heavenly in Origin,  divine,
Self existent truths of the pure Existent ,  
Descendit e Caelo , they come from Heaven.             

Kant grasped  Truth Universal,
That Space, Time &  Causality,
Are modes of Thought,
Known to Vedanta as Maya !

Transcendental  Consciousness,
The Fourth Major State,
Was proved  by Dr Wallace,
In his PhD Thesis  on TM.

What the Seer Poets hear,
Is only a portion infinitesimal,
Of the Infinite Vedas,
Srooyate iti Shruti.

Cosmos is projection of Self,
Universe is Thought,
And Vedas  are the Words,
Expressing  that Logos!

Many  equations were revealed,
Self = Intellectual Love & Bliss,
Self = Being- Knowledge- Bliss,
And Self =  Truth, Knowledge, Infinity !

The Encyclopaedia of the Sastras Eighteen,

Of the 18 Siddhantas, Samhitas and Horas,
Of the 18  Smritis and Puranas,
Unparalleded are these Revealations!