Veda Purusa - The Absolute Self as Wisdom

The Absolute Seff as Wisdom,
Is the concept of Veda Purusha,
The Six Auxilary Sciences,
Are the Limbs of  Wisdom Personified !

Science of the Heavens, Siddhanta,
Science of Magnitude, Samhita,
Science of Time, Hora Sastra,
Constitute Jyotis Sastra, Indian Astro Physics !

Parasara and Varaha were
His Manifestations divine,
When He revealed,
Jyotis Sastra to mankind.

Science of Definition
Is called Nirukta Sastra
Yaska was His Aspect, when He revealed first,
Wisdom of Nirukta Sastra to mankind.

Science of Phonetics is Shiksha,
And is the Art of Pronounciation.
Shiksha Shishyayati  Vyaktam,
Vedocharana Lakshanam.

All these Six Auxiliary Sciences,
Constitute His Body of Wisdom
With the mighty Astro Science,
Being His Eyes Magnificent !

The great Poetic Meters, Chandas,
Being His Glorious Feet !
His Face Shabda Sastra, Grammar,
And His sweet Voice, Kalpa.

The Science of Definition,Nirukta,
Is symbolised by His Ears !
And Phonetics, His Nose,
So averr the poets of yore.

The Knower of Sciences Eighteen,
Is called  Sarva Sastra Visaradha.
He who is established in Being,
Is called Sthita Prajna.

Four types of intelligence exist,
While dealing with sciences Indian,
The intelligence which knows Esoterica,
Comprehending all, is Medha.

Buddhi is intelligence which   directs,
Action, positive and negative.
Mathi is that intelligence,
Which can foresee all !

Smriti is the awareness of intelligence,
Zooming everything in mind,
And Prajna is the confluencc,
Of Mathi,  Buddhi & Smriti !

He who is highly intelligent,
He who combines these three,
He with high IQ and Wisdom,
Is known as Praajna !