Vara Puja, Part of Remedial Astrology


As the seven planets correspond to the days of the week

Jupiter  Thursday
Sun  Sunday
Moon  Monday
Mars  Tuesday
Mercury  Wednesday 
Venus  Friday
Saturn  Saturday

the day of week which corresponds to the afflicted planet is given prime importance and fasting and other remedial measures are prescribed for that day. This is the rationale of Vara Puja.

Sun's day is Sunday and Moon's day is Monday. ( From the Latin Dies Luna and the Sanskrit Soma Var . Dies Sol and Ravi Var) . Mars is known as Tiv in Norse Mythology and hence Tiv's day became Tuesday ( From the Sanskrit Mangal Var and the Latin Dies Marti ). Woten is Mercury and Woten's day became Wednesday. ( From the Latin Dies Mercuri and the Sanskrit, Budha Var ).

Thor is Jupiter in Norse Mythology and hence Thor's day became Thursday ( Sankrit Brihaspati Var and the Latin Iovis Dies ) . Freya is Venus and Freya's day became Friday ( Latin Dies Freya and Sanskrit Shukra Var ). Saturn's day is Saturday. ( Dies Saturni and Shani Var ).

The day of week which corresponds to the afflicted planet is given prime importance and fasting and other remedial measures are prescribed for that day. This is the rationale of Vara Puja.

Vareshan Kalpayithvadvou
Jyothis Chakra Prathishtithan
Swaswa Vare Thu Theshaam Thu
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VARA PUJA for the Nine Revolving Heavens

The Law of Correspondences

Each planet has a corresponding Day, a corresponding Gemstone, a corresponding Deity, a corresponding Yantra, a corresponding Mantra & a corresponding Holy Book.

Vara Puja is said to be the most effective remedy in Vedic Astrology. On the day of the problem causing planet that planet is to be propitiated. If Jupiter is the problem causer, Thursday is the day where the Deity of Jupiter ( Lord Vishnu ), the Yantra of Jupiter ( Brihaspathi  Yantra ), the mantra of Jupiter ( Om Brihaspatayai Namah), the Holy Book of Jupiter ( Geetha) & the gemstone of Jupiter ( Yellow Sapphire ) should be propitiated. Similarly for all other planets.

Every Deity has a mantra. For instance Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra has been found to be very effective while dealing with afflictions caused by Saturn. The Planet and the Deity are both Thamasic by nature.

  Planet       Day                 Gem                          Mantra                              Yantra                    Book                               Deity

Sun  Sunday    Ruby          Suryaya Namah  Soorya Aditya Hridayam Lord Siva
Moon  Monday Pearl  Somaya Namah  Soma Devi Mahatmyam  Durga
Jupiter  Thursday  YellowSapphire Brihaspataye Namah Brihaspati Geetha  Vishnu
Mars  Tuesday Coral  Angarakaya Namah Kuja  Devi Mahatmyam Muruga 
Venus   Friday  Diamond  Shukraya Namah  Shukra  Soundaryalahari  Lakshmi
Saturn Saturday Blue Sapphire  SanischarayaNamah Shaneeswara Devi Mahatmyam  Ayyappa
Mercury  Wednesday Emerald  Budhaya Namah  Budha  Geetha  Vishnu
Rahu Saturday Hessonite Rahave Namah  Rahu Yantra  Devi Mahatmyam  Ayyappa
Ketu Tuesday  Cat's Eye  Ketave Namah  Ketu Yantra Devi Mahatmyam  Durga


Monday Vara Puja

Normally women are the people who observe this Vara Puja. Also those who suffer from a malefic Moon Dasa.

In order to get a good spouse, longevity of marriage, longevity of husband, children , prosperity for family- all these are the objectives of Monday Vara Puja. 

Durga is the presiding Deity of the Moon, Durga Chandrasya Devatha. As the Symbol of the Self is the Sun, so the Symbol of the Mind is Moon, Mano Matharo Sheetha Rashmi. Durga means the Surmounter of difficulties, the difficulties of Samsar, the ocean of worldliness.

The Days of the Week
Derive their names
From the Seven Revolving Heavens !
It is said that Divine Love
Placed these Vareshas
Lords of the Week, Planets
In the Bha Chakra, the Zodiac !
Propitiating them
On their respective days
Is highly recommended
As it can bring relief !

Tuesday Vara Puja

This is observed to get the Grace of the Mother Divine and Hanuman. Those who have Martian affliction in their horoscopes also observe this Vara Puja. They go to Darshan of the temples of Goddess, Muruga and Hanuman. Rice and salt are avoided in supper. 

Tuesday derives from the Norse Tiv's day. The Indian equivalent is Lord Subrahmanya, the Celestial Military Commander. The word Martial is derived from Mars. Administrative skill can only be there if a beneficent Mars is placed well in a horoscope. Those with Mars weak should get the Grace of Mars, of  Lord Muruga, Hanuman et al.

Wednesday  Vara Puja

This is observed by people who are suffering from Mercurian affliction, that is, from a badly placed Mercury in their horoscope. Darshan in the Temples of the Nine Planets, in the temples consecrated to Lord Vishnu.  Light food at supper.

Woten's Day became Wednesday. In the East Budhavar is consecrated to Budha or Mercury. Mercurian affliction manifests as breaks in education, as poor knowledge, poor mathematical ability etc. Those who have weak Mercury in their charts should propitiate Mercury and Lord Vishnu's Avatars.

Thursday Vara Puja

This is observed by people who are afflicted by badly placed Jupiter or the affliction by Transit Jupiter. This is to please Lord Vishnu, whose Avatar represents Jupiter, Saumyotha Vishnur Guru. Early morning bath and Darshan in Temples dedicated to the Nine Revolving Heavens can bring home the result.

Thor's Day became Thursday. The Supreme Indian Deity, Lord Vishnu, represents the Father of the Heavens, Dyo Pithah or Jupiter. Those who have weak Jupiter in their horoscopes should please the Jupiter so that the Jupiterian Energy manifests in them. This Energy manifests as Genius, Poetry, Intuition, Inspiration et al. 

Friday Vara Puja

This is to please Goddess Anna Poorneswari. Lakshmi will grace the native. Those who undergo Venus Dasa normally do this Vara Puja. Observance of this is good for prosperity.

Venus in three decanates represents different Deities. In a Sattwic decanate, She is Anna Poorneswari. In a Rajasic decanate, She is Lakshmi. In a Thamasic decanate, She is Durga ( Anna Poorneswaree Lakshmee Yakshee va Bhrigu Nandana ).

Whether a decanate is Sattwic, Rajasic or Thamasic can be discerned by studying the decanate. If the decanate is ruled by Jupiter and Moon, the decanate is Satwic. If by Venus or Mercury, Rajasic.  And if by Mars and Saturn, Thamasic. 

Saturday Vara Puja

This is to please Lord Saturn. Those who suffer from Elarata Saturn and Angular Saturn ( Kandaka Sani ) normally do this. Have a bath early morning and go and see Lord Ayyappa, who is the Deity of Saturn, Manda Saasthadi Daivam. Do Neeranjanam. In temples dedicated to the Nine Planets, ellunthiri can be given to Lord Ayyappa.

Saturn's Day is Saturday. Those who have a weak Saturn in their horosocpe should augment the Saturnine Energy. This Energy manifests as industriousness, shrewd cunning ( which is needed in Economics and Politics ) and knowledge of Psychology. Ayyappa, the son of Vishnu ( Sattwas ) and Shiva ( Thamas ) is the ideal Deity and He can imbue one with Saturnine Energy !

Sunday Vara Puja

Those who suffer from a badly afflicted Sun do this Puja. Also for the destruction of all sins. One should fast on Sunday  and go to Darshan in Temples dedicated to the Nine Planets or Shiva, as the Deity of the Sun is Lord Shiva, Arka Shambu. 

Propitiate Sun. Chant Gayatri, Soorya Gayatri etc. One meal should be avoided on Sundays. Aditya Hridayam can be recited.