Upanishadic Equations II
Of Para Vidya, Absolute Knowledge
Only One Knowledge is Para
Only One Knowledge is Absolute
That which pertains to Self Absolute
Sa Vidya Tan mathir yaya.
Knowledge and Wisdom are different
Knowledge is about things relative
Wisdom is only about the Absolute
Sa Vidya Tan mathir yaya.


People speak about worldly wisdom,
Economic and politic, which are temporal
These deal with the Relative,
Pertaining to Relative Being

But Wisdom in its pure state
Is cent percent divine !
Absolute alone exists
Sa Vidya Tan mathir yaya.
Relative sciences deal with the Destructible
Absolute Knowledge deals with the Indestructible.
Para Vidya deals with Akshara, the Indestructible
Tatra Para Yaya thad Aksharam Adhigamyate.
In view of the Scientific Age,
This massive Information Age,
Terms have to be   redefined,
Bringing in Indian innovation.
This Scientia Prima, First Science,
The Adi Sastra, the Prathama Sastra,
Is Vedanta Sastra, the Science of Being
The Science of Being as Being !

Most original Science of human race,

Which contains primal mysteries of Science !
Relativity, Evolution, Bipolarity,
Unity, Duality, Infinity et al incorporated.

The First Philosophy, Philosophia Prima,
Was the name given by Locke to Ontology,
In Occidental Literature.
But in the Orient, it is Brahma Jnana !
The Triune Mystic Stages Of  Jnana Yoga,
Dualism, Qualified Monism, Monism,
Dvaita, Vishista Advaita, Advaita
Adorn this Noble Science !.

Different Soul-states they are
In Evolution of Consciousness !
 Awareness becomes Macrocosmic
From level Microcosmic

In the First Stage of Dualism, Dvaita
Aspirant is different from Deity
Mortals, animals, enemies, friends et al
Are of Thine Essence, a great Principle .

And I-Thou Relationship is continued.
In the Second Stage ,  Qualified Monism, Vishishta Advaita,
The Aspirant understands he is part of Deity,
As a wave belonging to the ocean.
I am Thine, but Thou art not mine .

As the waves belong to the Ocean
And the Ocean does not belong to the wave
The wave is the Ocean in essence
But the Ocean is not the wave.
After trials and tribulations many,
He reaches the Final Stage
That of Non Dualism, Advaita,
The State of Aham Brahmasmi

The State of Self Actualisation,
Brahma / Atma Saakshatkar ,
The Evolutionary Goal of Life,
And the Crown Divine !
I am That Great Silence,
Where all is in Involution !
I am The Sky of Consciousness,
The Formless, Nameless Ocean,

My Unmanifest Nature is present
In all My Manifestations !
I am the Beginningless and Endless Self,
The Trinitarian Unity, Constellations all,

Knowledge, Known and Knower
Integral Consciousness, devoid of Supreme or Ego
Akhanda Bodhoham,  Ashesha Sakshee
Nireeshwaroham Niraham cha Nirmama