Upanishadic  Equations

There is no joy in the Finite. Infinity = Bliss
Na Alpe Sukham Asthi. Anandam Brahma.
This may seem to the worldly wise
A too ultra-worldly statement !
But this is true indeed
And endorsed by the wise !
Embrace Infinity
In order to enjoy
Immensity of the Cosmic
Liberty of the Transcendent
And Joy of the Immanent
Anandam Brahma !
Finite indicates wordly Life,
Which is full of sorrow,
Sarvam Dukham, Sarvam Shoonyam
Sarvam Kshanikam, Sarvam Vyartham !
There is no happiness
In Indra’s Heaven !
Even Emperors
Search for mental peace !
Na cha Indranam sukham kinchil
Na sukham Chakravartina !
Mental Peace can only be attained
If you live like a Yogi.
Sukham Asthi Viraktheshu
Muner Ekanta Jeevina.
Enlightenment = Bliss
Sukha Neervana Roopatha !

Of Relative Knowledge & Absolute Knowledge, 

Apara Vidya & Para Vidya

The Knowers of Brahman
Speak of Knowledge as Twofold
Relative Knowledge & Absolute Knowledge,
Apara Vidya & Para Vidya
Ithee hi yad Brahmavido Vadanti,
Para chaiva Apara cha.
Apara Vidya = Relative Knowledge
Para Vidya   = Absolute Knowledge
Chemistry, Physics, Biology et al
Are Sciences of the Relative !
Even Astronomy, Maths & Astrology
( Siddhanta, Samhita & Hora )
Are all Relative Knowledge !
The Fivefold Ephemeris, Pancha Anga
Is nothing but Apara Vidya
Pancha Anga means Five Limbs,
The Five Limbs of Time Eternal !
Lunation = Thidhi = 12 degrees
( Lunar Longitude – Solar Longitude),
There are fifteen of them.
Lunar Mansions = Nakshatras
There are twenty seven of them

Week Day = Vara
Based on First Planetary Hour, Kala Hora.
Eternal Combinations = Nitya Yogas
( Lunar Longitude + Solar Longitude ),
There are twenty seven of them.

Half Lunation = Karana =6 degrees
Thidhi Ardham Karanam Proktam
These Five Variables constitute
Mighty Hindu Ephemeris !