Eternal Law is Universal Religion

Religion is derived from Relegare,
Which means going back to the Source.
Go back, go back and go back,
Till you reach the Vibrationless Origin !

Eternal law is a universal religion
Embracing all Religions in its fold.
Prophets of all religions are accepted as Rishies,
And worshipped as Divine personalities !

Jesus was a yogi who declared
Aham brahmasmi as Ego sum Alpha et Omega
The Prophet was another great Yogi,
Who was an epitome of excellence in all !

Lord Buddha occupies a prominent place,
As He is part of the Ten Incarnations.
He renounced Kingdom for Enlightenment,
And imparted Wisdom as the Four Noble Truths !

Eternal law is ecumenical and syncretic,
Incorporating Sarva Dharma Samabhava.
Some are indulging in calumny against her,
Which will be an exercise in futility.

There is only One Religion,,
And that is the religion of humanity,
There is only One Language,,
And that is the Language of the Heart !

There is only One God
And He is omnipresent.
Quintessence of all Sastras,
Do Good, Never Evil !

This is in line with Shaw,
Who averred Only One Religion,
Even though thousands of interpretations,
Of it exist in the wide world.

Love All and Serve All,
As the greatest is Intellectual Love
Educate All, as Wisdom is Guru,
The Celestial Teacher of Teachers !

Hate None, Help Ever, Hurt Never,
As Man and Self are important.
Forgive Ever, as forgiveness itself,
Is manifestation of Love Intellectual !
meter, is a great definition,
And is the most popular in the Occident.
The Divine Geometricises, Deus Geometrisat,
As He is playing with Space, Time and Geometry !