The Two  Fullnesses


Systematic investigation,
Into Relativity's nature,
Has proved it to be Vacuum,
Objectively verified !

Ultimate is the Vacuum State,
The State of Least Excitation,
Of the Quantum Field, and Field,
Of all Possibilities !

Is it the Unified Field,
Of Consciousness Absolute?
Quantum Physics averrs,
That Consciousness is fundamental !

Max Planck said so,
We regard Consciousness as fundamental ,
Matter is a derivative only,
Of Consciousness Infinite !

Schroedinger, De Broglie, Heisenberg,
All conclude that highest Zenith,
Of Physics is Philosophy,
Proved by Heisenberg in his magnum opus !

From the Fullness of Fullness, (Brahman),
Ariseth the Fullness of Emptiness, (Maya)
If you deduct one from the other,
What remains is Fullness, Absolute, Poornam !

Mathematically valid is Poorna mada Poornam idam,
As Infinity - Infinity = Infinity !
Subtract Emptiness from Fullness,
What remains is Fullness, Poornam !

Poornam Brahmam, Poornamatma Jagathum,
Poornathil ninnu Udayam cheyvoo Poornam !
Poornathingel ningu Poornam Grahichal
Poornam thanne sheshichu Nilpoo !

This is the Reality of Two  Fullnesses,
If the Absolute is indeed infinite,
Then Absolute - Absolute = Absolute,
Poornasya Poornamadaya Poornamevava shishyate.

"The Absolute in One, Infinite,
Immutably Homogenous"   
Hegel fathered the greatest concept,
Known to Philosophy Universal !

Poorna mada Poornam Idam,
Poornath Poornamiduchyate
Poornasya Poornamadaya
Poornamevava shishyate.