Man is a composite creature,
Both good and evil exist in him,
Body, mind intellect complex is Ego,
And in man, he holds  absolute sway.

In Man, Ego is term imperfect,
While perfect term is  Self !
Lower, relative term is Ego,
Higher, Absolute term is Self !

All mixed, said Shaw,
Virtue and Vice are mixed in man.
Dau Bhoota  sargau lokesmin
Daiva Asura eva cha.

Divine virtues  tend to Self Actualisation,
While demoniac bind man to the  mundane.
Pride, anger, roughness, avarice, jealousy,
Ignorance and bestiality rule Ego.

Not only Man, but Planets also,
Have dual personalities.
Vested in both are positive and negative aspects,
As no man or planet is freed from negativity.

Should we be afraid of the negative aspect?
No, as the Positive is also powerful.
None who doesnt believe in Truth, Dharma, Love,
And the positive side is the divine side.

Divine virtues are called Daivee Sampath,
And vices, Asuri Sampath.
Asuri Sampath is related to Ego,
And Daivee Sampath, to  Self !

Daivee Sampath is necessary for Self Actualisation,
While Asuri Sampath binds man to the mundane,
Daive Sampat Hi Mokshaya
Nibanda Asuri Matha.

He who overcomes his negative aspect,
Is the One who actualises Self.
With his Cosmic Ledger displaying Zero debit,
Eligible becomes  he for Self  Actualisation !

The  Wise call Him the Great Geometer,
Because of His penchant for Geometry,
As Celestial Geometry is inherent in Creation,
Revealing His mathematical precision.

Can we say that the Indeterminate,
Split itself into two Beings - Absolute & Relative,
And while doing so,
Maintained an absolute indifference !

The Eternal Law, Sanatan Dharma,'
Is both patriarchal & matriarchal,
As both Motherhood & Fatherhood of God
Coexiit in Her eternally  !