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The Sun, when he enters the 0 degree of the Zodiac, causes Mesha Saura Masa, sidereal Aries.

The daily motion of the Sun is

360/365.25 = ..98562628

or rounded is taken as one degree per day.

If Vatsara calculation is adopted, it will be one degree per day, as a Vatsara Year is 360 days ! ( Samvatsara Year = 365.25 d, Lunar Yeaar = 354 d and Stellar Year = 324 d ).

There are five types of years

Anuvatsaram Parivatsaram Indhavatsaram eva cha
Samvatsaram Vatsarascha Vaidooryeva prabhashate


Here we give the effects of the Transit of Sun in different Signs.   

Moon Sign Aquarius, Kumbha Kooru, ( Dhanishta 1/2, Satabhisha, Poorvabhadra 3/4 )

This marks the entry of a prosperous and  auspicious period. Gains
economic  promotion  in job and all  round  happiness are about to
take place. Your entire mind is  now  tuned to success.You have to
pitch it strong and spare no  efforts to succeed. Remember success
often  comes  to  those  who dare and act. It  seldom  goes to the

Moon Sign  Capricorn,  Makara Kooru,  ( Uthrashada 3/4, Sravana, Dhanishta 1/2 )

Unfavourable Sun creates general unhappiness. Delays and postpone-
ment in many  undertakings ailments physical and mental are likely
Loss of respect. Domestic happiness  takes  a beating. You tend to
quarrel with those whom  you love.  Taking  preventive measures in
time and exercising prudence and restraint are prophylactic indeed.

Moon Sign  Sagittarius,  Dhanu Kooru,  ( Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1/4 )


Unless maximum care  is  exercised  you  may  have to face poverty
economic  loss and bad health. Enemies find it easy to attack you.
A  gloomy  period for you as Sun takes an adverse stance. Children
pose problems. Worries on account of children.

Moon Sign  Scorpio , Vrischika Kooru,  ( Vishakha 1/4, Anuradha, Jyeshta )

Benign Sun  marks  the beginning  of a prosperous period. As a man
of indomitable will-power and   savoir-faire  your main aim now is to
conquer your enemies and solve  the problems that vex the psyche
Increase in general  happiness. Success in all undertakings guara-
nteed. General living conditions improve.

Moon Sign  Libra , Thula Kooru, Thula,  ( Chitra 1/2, Swathi, Vishakha 3/4 )


Sudden changes and  frequent travel indicated. You have to be very
careful about  health.  Better go for a  medical checkup. Economic
problems  also have  to be faced. Enemies also  create problems as
your  meteoric rise  arouses  jealousy. Health problems  appear to
you as insignificant but it is in your interest to solve them.

Moon Sign  Virgo, Kanni Kooru, Kanni, ( Uttara 3/4, Hasta, Chitra 1/2 )

Very adverse Sun  creates phobia or  fear. Unnecessary  wanderings
and  meaningless journeys. Factors detrimental to your health dev-
elop. Expenditure rises & expenses spiral.  Misunderstandings with
wife indicated. Sickness  particularly in the stomach. You have to
have immense courage to deal with this situation.

Moon Sign Leo , Chinga Kooru, Simha, ( Magha, Pubba, Uttara 1/4 )

 Worries and   dejection  raise   their  ugly head again. Evil acts
should be eschewed.  Sinful  actions always  demand  wages from us.
If you do  not heed this  counsel   loss of  masculine  lustre and
reputation will result. Turning to God is the only remedy.

Moon Sign  Cancer , Karkitadaka Kooru, Kataka,  ( Punarvasu 1/4, Pushya, Aslesha )

Prosperity dawns and   you   are back into  an auspicious  period.
Success comes to you automatically. Wife inspires you and  compen-
sates for your melancholic temparament.  Improvement in all fields
can be expected.  Connected happiness in the family. You will gain
important contacts.

Moon Sign  Gemini,  Mithuna Kooru, Mithuna,  ( Mrigasira 1/2, Aridra, Punarvasu 3/4 )

Health improves  and  so  does wealth. Economic gains  likely. You
may experience monetary windfall through lottery stock  exchange &
jackpot. Elder brothers and  sisters become favourable. You gain a
lot of good friends. They  come  to your help. This period is very
beneficial monetarily.

Moon Sign  Taurus, Edava Kooru, Vrishabha,  ( Karthika 3/4, Rohini, Mrigasira 1/2 )

Very malefic Sun  creates ill-health  and  dissipation  of wealth.
Worries increase and   you  become  a melancholic  in temparament.
You may have to undertake  journeys much  against your wish. Anger
rises and self-control becomes well nigh  impossible. It is better
if you  keep your coolness and sang-froid amidst adversity.

Moon Sign  Aries , Meda Kooru, Mesha, ( Aswini, Bharani, Karthika 1/4 )

Loss of  position as Sun is in the adverse 1st. Health hazards and
meaningless  wanderings  and  journeys.  Expenditure increases and
you feel the pinch. Dissipation  of  wealth.  Loss of property and
reputation. Malefic  Sun  creates a sort of uneasiness and you can
turn to prayer and meditation to save you from melancholia.

Moon Sign  Pisces , Meena Kooru,  ( Poorvabhadra 1/4, Uttarabhadra, Revathi )


You have to take  precautions to avoid  disease connected with the
eyes. Even though prosperity is indicated  losses  started earlier
may  continue for some more time. But  these losses appear to have
a less damaging effect. Financial  problems  have to be tackled as
a senior member of your family.


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