Three types of Men

There are three types of Men,
Existing in this world,
Animal Man, Human Man,
And the Divine Man.

The process of Becoming,
Divine Man from Animal Man
Is effected by Yogic Alchemy,
The Divine Transmutation of Man !

The aim occult  of Yoga,
Is Self actualisation, Goal of life.
Where Man transforms himself,
Into something rich and  strange.

We have to know that  Universal Will,
Is leading us, through every circumstance,
Towards the Final, supernal Realisation,
The summum bonum of Life !

We have to believe the golden maxim,
That Universal Will not lead thee,
Where Universal Grace cannot keep thee,
And all are moving to conclusion beneficent!

Evolution is the Process
From Becoming to Being !
Involution, on the contrary,
Is from Being to Becoming  !

It is indeed His play,
With the Lower trilogy,
And with Higher trilogy,
Connector being Supermind!

Universe is He & She,
Being & Becoming,
Absolute& Relative,
Infinite & Finite.

The Initiate is subject to pulls,
During the process of Meditation,
Upward Pull is most powerful,
Master movement of Nature !

It is that pull which pulls us from death
To immortality, Kingdom of Heaven luminous,
Which Is actualised and Enlightenment,
Dawns on the deserving aspirant !

Worldly man seeks also perfection,
But it will be only a perfection transient.
As worldly pleasures are ephemeral,
As man's life is nothing but  one day!

He who follows his lower nature,
Will always be dominated by Ego,
Ego is always accompanied by comrades,
Lust, greed, anger, jealousy et al.

So it is often good to follow Yoga,
And to annihilate Tamas by Rajas,
Rajas by Sattwa and reach Shuddha Sattwa,
The Perennial State, the State Eternal!

This classification is based on Traigunya Vishaya Veda,
The Sage, Divine Man, is Satwa dominant,
The Warrior, the Human Man, Rajas dominant,
And Tamas dominates the criminal animal man.