The 3 Ws vs True W

Whereas Wisdom weepeth,

3 Ws ,Wealth, Wine and Women dominate worldwide.
This is characteristic of this wicked era,
Where Vice holds absolute sway!
We reiterate that this is the Dark Age,
The Age of Kali, that of the Anti Christ,
Where the vicious thrive and virtous suffer,
Making it a topsy turvy world.
Why are they secure,
Who tread trecherously, asks Jeremiah
Why do they who renounced Thee thrive,
Asks the intellectual poet, Melpathur !
It is said that only a bat can,
View this topsy turvy world realistically,
The Lord's Universal Law,
Had given to man despotic power !

All are after Wealth,
Only a few after Wisdom,
Ignoring the advice of the Wise,
That Wisdom is the greatest.
Widom is greater than riches, saith Solomon,
There is nothing so sacred,
As Wisdom of the Absolute, averrs Gita
Na hi Jnanena Sadrusam Pavitram iha vidyate.
True W is Wisdom,
Other 3 are the False Ws.
Wealth, Wine and Women cannot give thee,
Actualisation of the Self !
Wine and Women are concomitant,
With Wealth or Largesse,
All three are corrupting,
So the wise keep away from these.
Wisdom, on the contrary,
Instead of corrupting, ennobles !
Wisdom can immortalise,
Even though fame is posthumous !
What is Wisdom? His Quality,
As Wisdom Supreme is He !
True Wisdom Thou Art,
Vidyasthvam Veda Roopasthvam !
Sing Heavenly Muse, how He and us
Are Being Knowledge and  Bliss,
LIke all in the Universe,
All manifestations of One Being !
And that He moves in a secret, occult way,
His miracles to effectuate !
This Universe, suspended in Time and Space,
Is itself a glorious miracle !
This Poetry in Motion, this Cosmos,
Is His Vibhooti Mantra !
And this magnificent Mantra can make,
The dumb speak and the lame walk !
( Mookam karoti vachalam
Pangum Lankhayate Girim ! )

Here He is leading us,
Towards the Final Self Realisation !
We shall fear no danger,
As Thou art with us !

 With Thou as Lord and Guide,
We shall not want !
There is no greater Protector,
Than this Lord Protector !
And all these are His mighty trials,
To find persistive constancy in us. 
No growth is possible,
Without circumstances adverse !
Materiality is not priority,
In His Eyes !
Unlike the mundane,
Who worship Mammon !

Emphasising Morality & Ethics,
With Self Actualisation as Goal,
Only a temporary dwelling this world,
Is His Eternal Life Plan !

 Goethe saith "All things temporary,
But as symbols are sent,
The Indescribable,
Here it is done ! "
Aspirant gets divine Crown
Ultimately for his efforts
He achieves the Impossible,
Transforming himself as divine !

Did He not seriously say,
That come to Me with hands empty,
I shall fill them with gifts divine,
And everlasting Grace Sacred !
Distrust Him not,
As Grace surpasseth all !
His laughter can be heard,
Behind this frowning Fate !