The Ten Commandments of Varaha Mihira.

1.   Thou shalt revere & serve the Unknown.

2.   Thou shalt recite the Vedas daily.

3.   Thou shalt be humble in thought, word and deed.

4.   Thou shalt invoke the Inner Sun, the Divine Solar Consciousness, before venturing to decipher the heavenly codes.

5.   Thou shalt follow Truth and argue for Truth ( and not manipulate it ).

6.   When confronted by Dialectics, thou shalt follow the dictate of thy Guru, Jnanam Guroopadesam Param.

7.   Thou shalt talk pleasantly.

8.   Thou shalt master all astrological works, the 18 Horas, Jyoti Sastra  Praveeno

9.   Thou shalt be an expert at calculating planetary positions and Time, mastering 18 Siddhantas.

10. Thou shat not do anything beneath thy dignity as Daivajna, divine Knower of Time Eternal. 

Vedadhyayee Vineetho Graha Yajana para Sathya vadee Suvrutho
Jyotisastra Praveeno Graha Ganitha Padu Sothra Daivajna Uktha

The Master' Books on Siddhanta, Samhita & Hora

What do you mean by the Inner Sun?

In Esoteric language, Inner Sun refers to the Absolute Self, who dwells in the Sky of Consciousness of the Heart, the Hrid Chit Akasa.

The astro scholar prays to the Indwelling Divinity in him, to give him uncontradictable eloquence, vacham na sadadat aneka kirana trailokya deepo Ravi

What is the meaning of Jnanam Guroopadesam Param ?

Dialectics reign everywhere, not only in Courts & Parliaments, but also in Sastras. Thesis & Anti Thesis clash. There will be situations like What is Zero * Infinity?

Scholars are still confused about an exalted-cum-retrograde planet ! So when doubts assail, one should follow the Words of the Guru. The Guru will definitely reveal the solution to the problem, in the mind of the disciple.

Divine Grace can only manifest if you serve the Unknown, Reciting the Vedas  daily will bring intellectual development. Humility is the darkness which reveals the Heavenly Lights.

In higher states of Consciousness, the Rishis received these revealed sciences, Astronomy & Astrology, the 18 Siddhantas & 18 Horas. The astro scholar is supposed to be a master of both.

Is there a Mantra to invoke the Inner Sun?

Yes. here it is.

Moorthithve Parikalpita Sasabrutho Varma punar janmanam
Athmetyatmavidam Krituscha Jayatam Bhartramrita Jyothisham
Lokaanam Pralayodayasthiti Vibhu Anekada ya srutho
Vacham na sadadat aneka kirana trailokya deepo Ravi.  

What is the meaning of   Lokaanam Pralayodayasthiti Vibhu ?

The acts of Creation, Preservation & Dissolution are invested in the womb of Almighty Time.          

The Kerala Governor’s remark that The Surya Ssiddhanta reached Europe and inspired the Europeans to advance in Astronomy and Space sciences, has triggered interest in the Siddhantas.

What are Siddhantas ?

Siddhanta means Astronomical Knoweldge & Vedanta, Transcendental Knowledge

Who are the progenitors of the 18 Siddhantas , Samhitas & Horas?  

18 Rishis. They are

Surya Pitamaha Vyaso Vasishto Atri Parasara
Kashypo Narado Gargo Marichir Manu Angira
Lomasa Paulasaschaiva Chyvano Yavano Bhrighu
Ashtadasa schaiva Jyotisastra  pravartaka