On this great Auspicious day,
In the 28th Equinoctial Cycle,
The 28th Fourfold Chatur Yuga - 
In the Cosmological Cycle, Sveta Varaha

In the Greater Equinoctial Cycle, 
Manvantara ,Vaivaswata,
Kali 5125, we express what Nine 
Revolving Heavens indicate !

The Sevenfold Ephemeris

These are the Saptanga,
The seven limbs of Almighty Time.
Day, Star, Lunation, Half Lunation,
Nitya Yoga, Year & Ahargana !

As tomorrow is unknown. 
As next moment  unknown. 
Laplace advocated Probability,
As weapon to be in tune with Reality. 

So use your IQ and MQ, 
So follow the Light of the Heavens, 
So that no evil will befall you.
As this Science is a Lamp In Darkness.

(Thamaseeya Deepaha)

This Scientia Intuitiva admits,
The Unknowable behind all manifestations, 
Extends the limit of that Unknowable, 
Till it comprehends all unknown.


Planet Constellation Longitude
Mercury THIRUVATHIRA 67.3712
Mars ASWATHI 12.3922
Jupiter ROHINI 41.2482
Venus THIRUVATHIRA 66.8566
Saturn POORORUTTATHI 325.0928
Moon CHOTHI 66.8566

Hours Planetary

No Lord Hora Hour/ Min
1 MARS Hora 604
2 SUN Hora 704
3 VENUS Hora 804
4 MERCURY Hora 904
5 MOON Hora 1004
6 SATURN Hora 1104
7 JUPITER Hora 1204
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For Start of Medicine Administration

Auspicious Stars for medicine start
Are Chitra, Swati, Aswini
Rohini, Mriga Sira. Aridra
Satabhisha Pushya & Sravana.

Auspicious Weekdays 
Are Tuesdays & Wednesdays 
Thursdays Sundays 
Rest to be renounced

Downtide preferred for Therapy, 
As we want the disease to go down
Uptide preferred for Tonics, 
As we want the body health to go up.

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