Synergy & Integration - Success Formulas
Theoretical Knowledge + Practical Brilliance = Success

What  ails  India?
Why this Civilization great,
Came under  the rule,
Of Empires - British & Mughal  ?

Cowardice had  crept  in,
Kshatriya  Dharma failed,
Humiliated again in 47 and 62
And inferiority complex reigned.

But She stunned the world in 1971,
When 93,000 Pak troops,
Surrendered to Her
In a glorious War !

As 98% believe  in the Universal,
She is considered spiritual,
With Her  Cosmic Humanism,
She is Guru of all nations !

She alone can effectuate World Peace
Being basically an Ethical Nation.
And being different from business nations,
Practising Divide et impera.

She is equal to NATO now,
As the Fourth Largest Power,
What is the success formula,
Which can propel Her to Zenith?

Theoretical Knowledge + Practical Brilliance
Is equal to Success glorious !
Yatra Yogeshwara Krishno
Yatra Partho Dhanurdharah.

Unless Philosophers become Kings,
And Kings, Philosophers,
Humanity cannot be redeemed,
So say Plato & philosophers.

Augustus Caesar and Marcus Aurelius,
King Janaka and King Nimi,
Were rare births, existing nowadays not,
So we hit upon another formula.

Why  cant these two  energies,
Be  represented by two individuals,
Combine to form Synergy ?
This is another success mantra.

Philosopher +  King
Pen      +  Sword
Theoretical +  Practical
North   +  South.

So Synergy is the formula,
This  will result in integration,
As different states have skills,
And talents different.

Marketing talent of the Gujarati,
Guts of the Punjabi,
Hard work of the Tamilian,
And brain of the Keralite !

All these together,
Will make the perfect Indian.
Another mantra emerges,
Be United, Never Divided !