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Matrimonial Match Making

Compatibility Analysis

Compatibility of temperament and mental attitudes based on astrological science leads to happy wedded life. It avoids clashes and generates a harmonious life for ever for the couple.

Due to inner chemistry of human beings, incompatablity is common. To eliminate it, the Indian sages have recommended analysis of birth stars of the couple.

We offer Comptability Analysis for the above. Please fill the following format for compatibility analysis.


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We have two types of Service, FREE & Paid. Paid will be attended within two days while FREE will take a long time -say 6 months. For the PAID service, please click on this link ( CompatibilityReport costs Rs 100)   Synastry Charges

Vedic Astrology Compatibility/ Synastry Software


Based on Vedic Astrology Synastry principles, this software is prepared .The major Compatibility or Synastry principles of Martian Afflictions ( Kuja Dosha ) are taken into consideration. Also Madhyama Rajju. Madhyama Rajju arises when the stars of Saturn, Venus and Mars are taken for Compatibility. Avoidance of Madhyama Rajju is a prime requisite.

There are 8 major Compatibility factors , Ashta Porutham, which are taken into consideration. Compatibility of Zodiac Signs ( Rasi Porutham ), their lords ( Raseesa Porutham), Compatibility of Ganas ( Gana Porutham, as the 27 constellations are classified under 3 Ganas ), Compatibility of Yonis ( Yoni Porutham), Compatibilty of Stars based on distance ( Deergha Porutham ), Compatibility of Signs ( Mahendra Porutham ) & other Poruthams ( Compatibility factors ) are considered while Matching horoscopes.

Vasya Porutham - This is based on the Moon Sign. Some Signs are compatible and others incompatible. For instance, for Aries, Leo and Scorpio are compatible.
Mahendra Porutham - If the Male' s Birth Star is 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd and 25th from the Female's birthstar, there is Mahendra Porutham . Othere are incompatible, according to this Method.
Dina Porutham  - If the Male's Birth Star is 3rd, 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 25th from the Female's, there is no Dina Porutham. Others are compatible.
Vedha Dosha - The 27 Stars have been grouped into Five Sectors. The birthstars of Male and Female should not be in one sector.
Shashtashtaka - If the Moon Signs of Male and Female are in 6/8 positions, this Dosha ( affliction ) is caused. This is normally counted from the Female Moon Sign. 

Papasamya or Malefic points are also taken into consideration.

This software will enhance your Synastry or Relationship Astrology skills as you have all factors at your finger tips. The 8 Major Compatibility Factors ( Ashta Porutham ) plus Madhyama Rajju, Vedha & Shashtashtaka Analysis, plus Papasamya Comparion, plus checking for Dasa Sandhi - all these are at your finger tips in a flash. It is easy to give an astrological resultant conclusion based on these 15 major factors of VA Synastry.  


Two methods are given in this Vedic Astrology Compatibility/ Synastry Software


1) By Planetary Positions - The natal charts of the couple are fed in and the Resultant Conclusion printed out. 

2) By Date, Time and place of Birth. - The birthdata of the couple is given and Result printed out. 

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