The Supra Rational Mystery

Einstein called Universe Finite Unbounded !
Universe, in its aspects, as structure or as Energy,
Appears as an indeterminate determination,
Implying a Supra Rational Mystery at the base.

Beholding the Universe , Sankara exclaimed,
"Wonder of Wonders and indefinable".
As Supra Cosmic Transcendence is suprarational,
So too Mystery of Universe must ultimately be so !

A boundless finite, said one psychic scientist,
At the end of his research on Consciousness.
Paradoxical, but necessary expressions which tell,
That we are dealing with a Suprarational Mystery.

Man possesses two types of MIND,
Rational Mind and Mind Intuitive.
Science and Technology belong to Mind Rational,
Poetry and Philosophy, to Intuitive Mind.

Behind phenomenal world is Reality Transcendent,
Which Intuition alone can see.
Absolute Intuition is clearly the way out,
Not Antinomic Reason.

Intuition is defined as the Eye Of Wisdom,
When Reason plays, Intuition is silent.
Intuition has been defined as that faculty of the Absolute,
Which perceives the Absolute, as the Absolute.

As if the Ultimate Verity needs proof !
Omnipotent Being is proof of Itself !
The Lord is the All and more than the All,
And that which exceeds and transcends the All !