Story of Jesus. An Astrological Allegory ?

Without the Sun, life is not possible on earth. So the ancients deified the Sun as the outer symbol of the Absolute Self. The Cross represents the Grand Cross of the Zodiac, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.


Earlier Solar Saviors were Mithra, Horus, Christna et al. The Star in the East is the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius. On Dec 24th Sirius aligns with 3 bright stars in the Orion Belt, known as the Three Kings ( The Three Wise Men of the East ).  All these four face Sunrise on Dec 25, which is known as Dies Natalis Solis  Invicti, the Birthday of the Invincible Sun. The Sun is the Alpha and the Omega, as far as Life is concerned !







                                                    Southern Cross                      




Virgo rises at Midnight and represents the Virgin Mother ( Virgo Virginis in Latin means Virgin).  It is also known as the House of Bread. The longest day in the Northern Hemisphere is on Jun 21 and then, as the Sun continues his southerly course, days tend to become shorter. 




Happy Birth Day of the Invincible Sun as today is celebrated worldwide as the Dies Natalis Solis Invicti ( Today Dec 25 ). The Sun began his Northerly journey or Sayana Utharayana on Dec 21. On this day his gross RA was 270 degrees! 180 degrees opposite to that point is on June 21, when the Sun begins his Dakshinayana or his southerly course. This Sayana Dakshinayana Day has been declared as the International Yoga Day.  





As the Sun starts his southerly course, from June 21 onwards, days tend to get shorter and the Sun seems to die. His death is confirmed on June 22 and then he seems to stand still. He aligns with Crux, the Southern Cross. After moving three degrees or three days, he moves one degree North and seems to be resurrected. He overpowers the forces of darkness on Mar 21, as the days become longer and this has been hailed as the Day of Resurrection !




     Three Stars of Orion Belt                             Birthday of Invincible Sun

In ancient Rome, Mithras was the Sun ( Son ) of God ( Sol Invictus ) and the Light of the World !

Doesnt the mantra " Om Shanno Mithra shan Varuna" indicate that Mithra was a Vedic Deity ?. Dec 25th was celebrated as the Birth Day of the Invincible Sun.


Isnt the word Mithra Sanskrit for friendship? The Emblem of Universal Friendship, Vishva Maithree Bhava, is Visva Mitra, the Divine Sage, in Indian Mythology. The Coming Universal Redeemer, Lord Maithreya, also means Universal Friendship !





The Sun in Gemini ( Mithra ) has special significance. He is a mathematician and astrologer, Vidya Jyothisha Vithavan Mithunage Bhanau Kuleerasthithe. He inspires mathematical genius, Ganitha Sastra Kala Mala Sheelatha / Su lalitathbhutva vag pradhitho bhaveth !



Since all is One, he represents Maithree Bhava and Prema, Friendship and Love. The coming Lord Maithreya, the World Redeemer, will be His Avatar !



This Deity became the Mithras of Rome. Since there are parallel stories in all cultures, he became the Saviour of the World  !







         Mithras                           Resurrection of the Sun                      






We dont want conflict with anybody and so let us pray for Universal Friendship. Prarthichidunnu Nirupadhika Vishva Maithree !  










This event is celebrated in many cultures. As a part of Secularisation, AD and BC were changed into ACE and BCE ( After Common Era and Before Common Era ). This is a global festival, the Festival of Winter Solstice and not any particular Religion's. The world is multi-cultural and multi-religious and we cannot give preference to any particular Religion !

Let true Secularism triumph !


Sanskrit terms and their Western correlatives. 

Vishu - Vernal Equinox on March 21, Sun's gross RA 0 degrees, Meshadi.

Dakshinayan - Summer Solstice on Jun 21, Sun's gross RA 90 degrees, Karkyadi.

Thula Vishu - Autumnal Equinox on Sep 21,Sun's gross RA 180 degrees, Thuladi.

Uttarayan - Winter Solstice on Dec 21.,Sun's gross RA 270 degrees, Makaradi.