The Great Song  of  Eternity, Geetha

"Modern world appears trivial,
Before Ontology &  Epistemology,
Of Theosophy/ Zyan/ Brahma Jnana,"
Thus wrote Madame Blavatsky.

Thoreau said ' English sense has toiled,
But Hindu Wisdom never perspires ! '
And where can these books be found?
They are called  mighty Upanishads  !

A Philosopher King par excellence,
Lord Krishna milked these cows ( Upanishads ).
Quintessential milk of  Wisdom was Geetha,
The Great Song of Eternity !

Hailed as the Science of the Absolute,
The Authentic Scripture on Yoga,
The Manual of Initiation Science,
This Song Celestial  is unparalleled !

Yoga was considered supra-worldly,
As some gravitated  to the  Himalayas .
Even parents were reluctant to give Gita,
Lest their children become  renunciants!

On the contrary Yoga is modern,
Yoga is Science, being the scientia ultima !     
Life's solutions are to be found here,
And not in escapism or alcoholism !

Before any presentation scientific,
The Problem of Evil must be solved
Christian Theology defines Him as Good,
So where do we  place Evil?

Voltaire, after the French Revolution,
Was shocked and dismayed,
Could not get answer to question,
Why the Omnipotent permits Evil?

In the Indian, all are He,
Good and evil, might and right,
All this magnificent universe,
And this  sempiternal tragi-comedy !

Know that Time consuming our lives,
And Nature  devouring our kids,
Are all the Rhythms of Brahman,
In some of His cosmic figures.

Only when we see unified,
Can we discern and behold,
The calm and  beauteous face,
Of the Deity sunk in Bliss!

World' discords are His discords,
Only by accepting them,
Can we reach His greater concords,
Of his harmony supreme!

Trials and tribulations,
Are His tests undoubtedly
Testing our imperfection
To find persistive constancy.

In psychic research, instructions,
Cometh from Self Absolute
Emblem of Wisdom is Krishna
And  Emblem of intellect, Arjuna.

Horses five- the five senses
Chariot - the body human
Mind - the reins
Wheels of chariot-   Good &  Evil.

Replete with Esoteric Symbolism
Complete with Esoteric Wisdom
Geeta is not an ordinary book,
But Revealed Wisdom by Self !